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Staff members (L to R) Rhonda Conger, Natalie Standley and Whitney Martin.

 “Not everyone has the goal of fitting into a bikini,” explains Natalie Standley, Office Manager and Fitness Instructor at Fitness Time for Ladies in Claremore, “For many women fitness is more about general health, maintaining mobility as we age or an overall increase in energy. For others, working out at Fitness Time is more about ‘me time’—something we do for an outlet or better mental health."
At Fitness Time the difference from other gyms is clear. “The goal of Fitness Time is to provide a comfortable, supportive environment—a hassle-free experience—even spa-like,” states Standley. The personal touches in doing so are abundant. From well-appointed finishes and high-end workout equipment throughout the facility to the smallest of toiletries in the dressing rooms, everything is provided so that members can simply show up and work toward their personal goals.

There is never pressure to join, and if a woman decides to, there is no contract and multiple payment plans to fit her budget. Included in membership is unlimited access to all of the scheduled classes including: yoga, Pilates, spin, kickboxing, Piyo, Zumba, HIIT and step aerobics. Members may also safely access the gym 24 hours a day to work out independently on a wide array of exercise machines and equipment. Unlike other gyms where members have to stand and wait a turn to hop on popular machines, Fitness Time makes it a goal to alleviate wait time. In fact, as membership has continued to grow, so, too, has the facility, expanding three times since moving to the current location a few years ago. If a member needs a little extra motivation, she may find it with one of the staffed personal trainers for an additional fee.

Fitness Time prides itself in being about the whole person, thus it is more than just a place to work out. Members may also enjoy the relaxation room which offers the use of massage chairs and infrared saunas at no additional cost. Onsite, there is also a full service spa and salon for additional pampering when a workout is finished. Or, members may purchase a post-exercise treat from the Herbalife nutrition bar.
From tales of significant weight loss and the freedom that comes with it to women finding emotional support as caregivers, Fitness Time offers more than a workout. “Regardless of the goal, we want to make a woman feel good in her life,” states Standley.

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