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Conklin roofs include a variety of foam and coat type of roofing systems with no shingles.

Leroy and Treva Detweiler of Inola understand the meaning of partnership. They have been married for thirty-one years. In that time, they have raised five children. The Detweilers have also worked hard to build their business, D Roofing. D Roofing is a certified and authorized distributor of Conklin Roofing Systems, selling and installing exclusively Conklin products. They had to undergo intense initial training for their certification, and additional training every three years thereafter is required. “We believe in the product, and how they stand behind it,” states Leroy. If applied by a certified distributor, such as D Roofing, Conklin warranties the roofs for ten to eighteen years depending on the system and coating used. Conklin roofs include a variety of foam and coat type of roofing systems —no shingles— which means that they are reflective of heat, providing extra insulation and helping to drive down energy costs. Leroy explains, “The roofs can cool the inside temperature around thirty degrees. They are also more flexible than a traditional roof—up to four hundred percent more elasticity.” D Roofing has an impressive list of commercial roofing jobs under its belt, including: Chouteau Public Schools, Kubota Tractor in Pryor; Chupp Implement in Pryor and Gundy Airport in Owasso. D Roofing can also handle some smaller jobs that others can’t. “We roof mobile homes, horse trailers…I even did a trailer for a race car once,” Leroy recalls. As a certified and authorized distributor of Conklin Roofing Systems, D Roofing is part of a network of area independent roofing companies. In essence, no job is too large or small to handle once D Roofing is contacted, as there is a sort of co-op effect among the network to handle the job. Crews are able to combine within the area to tackle a construction project. Leroy explains: “D Roofing is a part of a network of roofers— like a ‘family outside of immediate family’. Everyone helps everyone, and we are always looking for more interested people to join the network as independent businesses in the Conklin group.” The family-like atmosphere of area roofers that are part of the Conklin network is second only to the actual family working within D Roofing. Each of the Detweilers’ adult children are involved in the family business. “Being in business with family is awesome,” opines Treva, “It brings you closer when working with family.” Call for a free estimate or more information about working with D Roofing. Flexible hours for estimates are always available to fit your schedule.

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