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Senior Chief Instructor Chris Velez and his team: Lexi Vincent, 2nd Degree Black Belt; Ramsey Hinshaw Jr., 2nd Degree Black Belt; and Nick Welscher Jr., 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Respect, self-discipline and confidence sum up the attitude that permeates Martial Arts Academy Family Training Center in Owasso.

Owner, Chris Velez, has a passion for helping others attain their goals and master leadership life skills.

Growing into a leader is the most important outcome for his students. “Our mission is to help parents raise confident leaders and for adults to reach their true potential.  Our training program helps individuals at any physical fitness level accomplish these important life skills,” said Mr. Velez. 

He explained that as his students experience consistent challenges along with ongoing successes, over time, they will naturally gain self-confidence – their own belief in themselves and their ability to succeed.  The school’s process with their Black Belt program is to take each person through growth stages using challenges and be promoted from belt to belt until they ultimately achieve Black Belt status.

For example, some of the skills taught at Martial Arts Academy help instill and develop traits like these:

  • Martial arts helps you have goals and be bold to dream big. You may want to reach the black belt someday, or learn a difficult advanced maneuver. This helps to develop a vision as a leader and to look far ahead when starting something. It also helps set long-term goals and strive towards reaching them.
  • Martial arts training is difficult, and the only way to keep learning and growing is to stay active and not get dejected when you fail at something. This works the same for good leaders.
  • Martial arts also inspires humility, because there will always be someone who knows more than you, or is more skilled than you. The same goes for leaders, as humility inspires you to keep learning from others who are better at something than you.

Along with leadership training, martial arts is a great fitness avenue,  and an undeniably great way to help both adults and children develop social skills and maintain good fitness. Mr. Velez expressed that their training programs are designed for all fitness levels and ages.  Students enrolled at his school range in age from 4 to 71 years old.

Families are also encouraged to train together, providing you with shared goals, quality time with your family, and an opportunity to meet a great group of friendly people. It’s a pleasurable way to bring your family closer together with an activity that all can enjoy while being surrounded by motivated goal-setters.

The benefits of Martial Arts Academy Training Center in Owasso are endless and become even more apparent as your child grows into adulthood; and for adults - as you start to appreciate life more, you also begin to accomplish more of the goals you only used to dream of in your 20’s. You’ll come across many challenges but you’ll also overcome them eventually – and with the help of their martial arts black belt achievement program, you’ll develop the right mindset to give you that much-needed clarity in many phases of life.

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