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Debbie Edmonds

Warmer weather is rapidly approaching, which means sandals and flip flops – are your toenails ready? Debbie Edmonds of Reveal Salon & Aesthetics is prepared to take care of all your nail needs.

“I have been a nail technician for 34 years,” says Edmonds. “I took my training at the Broken Arrow Beauty College, and then I started at Friends and Co at 61st and Sheridan. A lady named Ellen encouraged clients to come to me, and they did – I still have clients who have been coming to me since. I’ve been very blessed to have the people in my life that I do. We’ve been through a lot together in 34 years.”

Nail care isn’t just important for an attractive appearance; consistent maintenance is essential for nail health, as well. Regular nail maintenance can prevent ingrown nails, fungus infections, and infections of the skin surrounding the nail.

“Pedicures are wonderful; a few of my clients get painful calluses, and my pedicures can help with that,” states Edmonds. “CND Solar oil is good on the nails because it will moisturize and nourish not only the nail itself, but also the skin surrounding the nail.”

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A major concern in choosing a salon and technician is the importance placed upon thoroughly cleaned nail equipment and thus regularly seeing a technician such as Edmonds who prioritizes careful attention to the condition of the tools as well as to the work performed is one to see on a routine basis. She will also impart advice to those who need guidance on what types of treatments will be best for their individual necessities and desires.

“Sometimes people aren’t sure of exactly what they want or need…some have great nails and just need to be told not to use them as tools! I always recommend an oil treatment on the nails. Shellac are colors you pick, used with a light, and lasts up to fourteen days.”

Edmonds uses CND Shellac, a product that causes no nail damage, has zero dry time, and supplies a quality high gloss shine.

As with any career, an enjoyable workplace makes a significant difference in the work itself. Edmonds states that her experience at Reveal has been very pleasing indeed.

“We’re a close family with our clients – I actually don’t like calling them ‘clients’ as all are friends. At Reveal, we often do share clients – as well as recipes and hobbies! My husband Troy is a stylist at the salon; we have always worked together and it’s awesome! He and I have always shared clients.

“Many clients have made friends with each other from meeting at the salon, and that’s very satisfying,” Edmonds declares.

Reveal Salon & Aesthetics is located at 8929 S. Memorial Drive in Tulsa. For more information and to schedule an appointment with Debbie Edmonds, call (918) 697-3171.

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