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Debbie Edmonds, certified nail technician at Reveal Salon.

Reveal Salon offers many services including the treatment and styling of hair, color treatments, the Brazilian blowout, lashes and hair extensions, nails, acne and anti-aging skin treatments. According to longtime employee Debbie Edmonds, certified nail technician, she feels that the women and men of Tulsa expect a nail salon that is fashionably accommodating as it is modern and up to date - “we’re here to give them just what they ask for.” Talented and skillful technicians provide the best nail and beauty experience.  “We are always searching for the newest products, techniques, and services to enhance and exceed every client’s expectations. This includes elevating the industries value on cleanliness and standards of sterilization of instruments. We make provision for the most sanitary nail care services available. For privacy, all pedicures are done in the back of the studio,” Debbie said.

Debbie performs the manicures and pedicures.  She is currently recommending the new product of CND Shellac Finish for polished nails.  She states, “your nails shouldn’t hold you back, CND allows for freedom to continue looking fashionable in your busy life.”  The “Original Power Polish,” CND Shellac pairs an easily wearable polish with an incomparable glossy sheen that will last up to 14 days of wear.”  She claims that “there is no nail damage and the polish is “easy on - easy off.”

Nichole McGinnis, licensed aesthetician, has been practicing since 1998.  She is both owner and manager of Reveal Salon and “loves what she does,” speaking to the elective treatment of skin and hair.  She was inspired to start the salon approximately six years ago, located at 91st and Memorial in Tulsa. She has an experienced staff of men and women who are experts in hair, skin and nails. It was important to her to have a dedicated staff of independent practitioners who would work as a team but really “more like a family,” said Nichole. Her “talented and gifted staff is second to none! They are the best in the world!” she claims.

By having a superb staff, she is able to afford an appealing atmosphere where “every man and women can be catered to individually and enjoy returning time and again.”  Nicole believes the true escape (her salon) is to make sure that each service has an amazing outcome and clients leave with a sense of quality care and friendship.”

The employees in the salon treat their clients as friends and family. An example was given by Debbie Edmonds, Certified nail technician.  She stated that there was a client that was new in town that came to the salon to have a manicure and pedicure. “She made friends at the salon and kept coming back.”  She said that she had “found friends in Tulsa (referring to the salon), and this helped her to settle in.” Debbie says, “this is just who we are!”

Nicole is a key figure in providing aesthetic care. She describes it as an “acne treatment program that combines chemical peels with personalized home care and lifestyle recommendations to achieve clear, healthy skin.” Your first treatment includes an in-depth consultation with an information packet and treatment plan. You can read some before and after photos and read client reviews at  Some of the services performed include:  Custom Corrective Facial, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Rezenerate Facial Treatment, OxyGeneo-Exfoliate, Infuse, Oxygenate, Skin Classic, and Brow shaping and tinting.

For a healthier, younger looking skin, Nicole recommends and is very focused on the “Skin Classic.”  This treatment involves “electrodesiccation that treats skin imperfections such as skin tags, hyperpigmentation or age spots, cherry angiomas, sebaceous hyperplasia, seborrheic keratosis and small facial capillaries.”
Of course, each treatment is discussed at length with the client to customize and meet his/her individual needs.

Reveal Salon is ready and willing to serve the community.  The salon is the place to “get your shine on all year long.”

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They feature popular brands of professional hair, skin and nail products.

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