Are You Leaving Money on the Table? Experts Reveal Oklahoma’s Real Estate Market at All Time High

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See why property owners in Oklahoma may stand to make even more by selling now and how to save thousands in the process!

Thinking about selling your Oklahoma property? Real estate experts are urging those with property in the Sooner State to sell it now while the market goes through explosive growth which can get you more for your property today.

Single family homes have increased 13% year over year on average in the state since 2010. Given the current demand, rural land and agricultural properties are becoming even more of a hot commodity as out-of-state buyers flock to Oklahoma with cash offers.

With more opportunity to work from home and restrictions in other cities and states, many people are seeking their own slice of prime real estate where they can live and thrive. This means that if you’ve got an Oklahoma property, you stand to make more from the sale right now than ever before.

In Green Country there are less homes for sale than last year, causing home prices to increase. This is good news for property owners that want to sell near the top of the market. Real estate experts are also highlighting a service that can benefit the seller, by increasing what they get from the sale of their property while reducing the costs traditionally associated with this type of transaction.

What the Experts are Saying About Oklahoma’s Real Estate Boom

An economist at one of the major leading real estate analytics providers stated, “We’ve been tracking real estate prices for over 20 years, and we’ve never seen anything like this.”

Statewide in Oklahoma there are 50% less homes for sale than last year and the average home price has increased by 15%. Land and agricultural properties are also seeing massive increases in competition for ownership. As such, this has buyers lining up to realize their dreams of home or land ownership in the state of Oklahoma.

Brent Nicholson with Chamberlain Realty* and president of had this to say, “There has never been a better time than now to sell in the 17 years I’ve been in real estate. This unique situation we are experiencing in the market here in Oklahoma is what made me realize there has to be a better way to connect buyers and sellers so that both are better served and able to get the best experience in this market.”

His new company,, has created a fresh approach to buying and selling residential and agricultural real estate properties through the auction process. This allows sellers an opportunity to avoid traditional commission rates, saving them thousands of dollars. The auction process is also convenient, quick, and efficient, eliminating many of the hassles associated with the traditional real estate sales process. also helps sellers realize more value from their property by utilizing their proprietary Full Spectrum Marketing Method that makes it possible to gain more exposure to more buyers. The auction process also works out well for potential buyers. It allows them the time they need to arrange financing and bid a price they are comfortable with to make the dream of property ownership become a reality.

Some may believe that auctions are only for distressed properties such as bank foreclosures, or properties that require renovation, but the benefits of auction are numerous for properties that are ready to move into also. When families bid on homes that are ready to move in, they aren’t concerned with discounts, so they bid the true market value on these properties because the family wants to live in the home.

How Works

Auctiontastic’s new auction service allows sellers to sell their property and have bidders compete to buy that property, all while saving money over doing things the traditional way. Those that wish to buy will be able to browse the listed properties when the service officially launches next month.

The new auction service platform puts properties for sale in front of more buyers, allowing a property to competitively sell and maximize its value quickly. The auction process is transparent to the bidder, so buyers can see the actual bid price and compete with each other to win the property being auctioned. This results in buyers purchasing the property at the maximum value, unlike selling traditionally, where the seller receives different offers from potential buyers and the seller has to try choosing the best offer not knowing if the buyer was willing to pay more. With the competitive auction process, the property seller knows they aren’t leaving any extra money on the table.

Currently, this auction service is also offering property sellers a name your own price commission rate. Those looking to sell their home, ranch, or land should reach out now to get professional marketing on their property, reach multiple buyers, and save thousands of dollars over selling conventionally.

This unheard-of name your own price commission rate is to kick off the launch of this cutting-edge auction platform next month. For sellers of property in Oklahoma, this is the perfect time to list a property on and take advantage of these features and benefits.

If you’re considering selling your home, farm land, or ranch property, there may never be a better chance to come out ahead than to do so right now while your home or land is in extreme demand. To find out how to get your home, ranch, or farm land listed before the official launch next month you can visit or call 918-201-1501.

*Auctiontastic is managed by Brent Nicholson, OK Real Estate Lic. 147661, a licensed realtor under Chamberlin Realty LLC, (918)290-9399

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