Restoring Balance in the Body

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By, Macy Goodnight; Balance is what it’s all about when it comes to the body. Physical misalignment can cause pain and discomfort, and sometimes a manifestation of problems in other areas. At Restoring Body Health and Feet Unlimited, John Chatzigiannidis (D.O.M.P, C.PED, A.C.M.T) has the answer to getting everything back in line and helping his patients feel their best through Manual Osteopathic Manipulation.

Owner, John Chatzigiannidis (D.O.M.P, C.PED, A.C.M.T)

“This form of treatment is based on the concept that the structure of the human body influences the function,” said John. “The goal of treatment is to improve the body’s structure.” When the body is in balance, there is no added stress anywhere else in the body. When the body is not in balance, the result is a physical amplification elsewhere. “Basically, think of anything that is out of alignment,” said John. “There is always a compensation that occurs, and at this point, the body will adjust itself to compensate for that problem.” The effects can result in pain and discomfort.

Manual Osteopathic Manipulation treats the entire body. There are multiple techniques, therapies, or modalities that are utilized in a customized treatment plan for a patient, depending on their needs. The therapies work on four principles:  1) The body is a unit. 2) Structure governs function. 3) The body is its own medicine chest. And 4) The rule of the artery is supreme. There are incredible benefits to Manual Osteopathic Manipulation, in that it offers a drug-free approach to achieve total body health, it helps reduce pain and improves mobility and minimizes stress. It can also minimize tension in the body. Patients may even find relief from migraines and headaches with therapy.

An initial consultation will include a complete postural study. “The patient will come in, and we will first sit and visit, and I listen to them to get to the bottom of the problem,” said John. With consultation, patients are given a full postural analysis, with all the information gathered, so a firm baseline is established. “It’s not subjective anymore, because, before modern technology, I would perform a visual evaluation, and try to explain to the patient my findings,” he said, “but with technology today, it’s very digital and comprehensive, providing visual representation that is easy to see.” A full postural study entails video and digital photographs, as well as the use of a podioscope. This tool essentially produces photographs of the soles of the feet, to see where actual weight-bearing occurs. “I also like to have patients bring in several pairs of shoes,” John said. “Shoe wear patterns never lie.”

Solutions for alignment and treatment will vary for each patient, but some modalities utilized could be a percussion tool, zero gravity massage chair, lower level light therapy, or photobimodulation. Cupping or vibration therapy are also options for treatment. Other manual osteopathic treatment methods can include soft tissue manipulation, manual osteopathic articular techniques and cranial-sacral therapies.

A common-sense approach to physical health and well-being, Manual Osteopathic Manipulation is a proven effective solution to ensure balance and alignment in the body. “My goal is to at least get the patient as asymptomatic as I can,” said John, “and of course, helping my patients live comfortably and in good health is the highest priority.”

Restoring Body Health and Feet Unlimited is located in The Warren Building at 6465 S. Yale Ave., Suite 608, in Tulsa. For more information, visit the Restoring Body Health website at Consultation may be scheduled by calling (918) 747-8224.

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