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Are you looking for a way to make an extra $100 dollars in time for the holidays?  Why not play a game with a chance to win the money! You also have a chance to receive a fabulous gift basket all while shopping at some of the most exquisite shops around.  The participating merchants have historic pieces of American history, gorgeous furniture, trendy clothes, and just all around great gift ideas for your purchase!  To play, follow the instructions below:

Solve the riddle then head to each business.
The first part of the riddle is a clue to the business name.

The second part is a clue to the item.

Have the person at the register initial the space beside their riddle.

After you have received all eight businesses initials, leave the sheet with the last business.

The first five that we receive, will receive a fabulous gift basket!

They also get their name in the drawing, along with all the folks that turn in a sheet for a crisp one hundred dollar bill!

It’s a fun way to spend the day!  You have a chance to do a little shopping at some fantastic stores, some who have even included discounts AND have a chance of winning prizes!  Look forward to seeing you on the trail!

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