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Tara and Chad Gerstmeyer invite you to come in for a tour of Optimal Fitness.

“In order to keep a New Year’s resolution, it’s got to be important to you,” says Chad Gerstmeyer, owner of Optimal Fitness. Chad, his wife, Tara, and the staff at Optimal Fitness want to support those who have made a New Year’s commitment to a healthier lifestyle.
As the year goes on, it can be difficult to stick to the resolutions we’ve made. A quick reminder of why we push ourselves to be healthy works wonders.
Gerstmeyer sums up the tension of working out perfectly. “Fitness – you don’t have to love it. I look at fitness as a savings account. You’re saving for later. You run on the treadmill today for tomorrow. You didn’t get unhealthy in one day, so you can’t reverse it overnight.”
Sticking with a resolution to be fit and healthy is not an end in itself. The commitment to be healthy is a means to a multitude of other ends: longer, happier life; more time with loved ones; less health risks as one gets older.
Aside from finding meaning in one’s decision to be fit, finding the right approach and environment in which to exercise can mean the difference between success and failure. “It is important to find a facility that will meet your needs,” Gerstmeyer says.
Unlike national chain gyms, the independent and locally-owned Optimal Fitness offers an environment that enables its members and staff to be more serious and more personal. “Our staff is involved in the lives of our members,” says Gerstmeyer. With three trainers to help guide and support members, achieving results is attainable for anyone willing to show up and work for it.
Perhaps the biggest thing that sets Optimal Fitness apart from big box fitness centers, however, is the members. Unlike oversized gyms, which rely on legions of memberships in order to break even, Optimal Fitness has a high participation rate among its members. Optimal Fitness members want to be a part of a gym and regularly attend. A small community where members know one another’s name, each person shares in the success of the others.
Gerstmeyer, who has called Owasso home for years, invites those in the community to take a tour of Optimal Fitness. “We want people to try the place out. You don’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive. When you find the right place, you are much more likely to stick with your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.”
Join the Optimal Fitness community today and keep this year’s fitness resolutions.

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