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Owner Kelly Corey has a talent for fun, twisted Southern style.

When Kelly Corey and friend Marti Coleman founded Twisted Soul Sisters Boutique six years ago, their vision was to offer women a place to shop for unique, fun clothing and accessories with the philosophy of friendship at the core.
The store began as trunk shows featuring unique clothing and repurposed old jewelry in the homes of Kelly’s friends, some of whom now work in the boutique. The Twisted Soul Sisters team remains a group of real life friends from Bixby.
“We started off as a group of friends having fun,” Kelly emphasized.
Kelly and friends would take older pieces of jewelry and turn them into unique new creations for these events. A leather belt might become a one-of-a-kind leather cuff bracelet; a grandmother’s ring may find new life as a statement necklace.
When the trunk shows proved a hit, this sisterhood moved into a smallish space in Persimmon Hollow, the 1880s village replica known for housing a number of dreamy vintage and artisan vendors. Soon after, the store moved again to their first full-sized storefront, eventually settling into their current location to house their garden of sparkly delights.
The Bixby boutique is an Instagram dream. Colorful shag carpets and cowhide line the floors; abundant chandeliers dripping with crystals, antlers, vintage kitsch, and delicious old chairs are among the eye candy decorating the store.
Swoon-worthy merchandising includes a tree adorned with slip dresses in faded pastels, antique frames and boxes lined with velvet and filled with original rhinestone-encrusted belt buckles, and large wooden spools housing rows of colorful leather boots. Everything in the store fits a unique aesthetic: hip, eclectic fashions with an often edgy, bohemian southern girl vibe.
Sassy slogans on the merchandise are filled with so many giggle-worthy or tweetable quips it’s worth the effort to mosey around the store to check them out. Burlap throw pillows read “Follow Your Arrow”; crisp white kitchen towels confess “I love Jesus but I cuss a little” or “Don’t feed the hipsters.” One item in particular seems to resonate the Twister Soul Sisters philosophy of celebrating positive difference and sorority--a hand towel reading simply, “You’re a Great Mom.”
“We want women to feel good about themselves,” Kelly explained.
Kelly says the store’s custom jewelry is still one of the biggest draws. An entire corner of the store is a veritable treasure trove of vintage costume jewelry, leather belts, beads, chains, pendants, crystals, and any number of sparkly delights. Here, Kelly and her team craft their one-of-a-kind jewelry creations.
The boutique carries about 20 different clothing lines, offering fashions from junior to plus size. The store offers a variety of basic items and wardrobe staples, but their specialty is in offering fun styles not available anywhere else--the boutique staff refer to these lovingly as “twisted” styles. Kelly’s goal is for all of the boutique’s items from jewelry to clothing to gifts to be unique and original.
The store rotates out their inventory constantly so that every shipment of merchandise is full of unique pieces, guaranteeing that shoppers won’t suffer that existential horror of showing up to an event only to find someone else in the same outfit. The store typically only offers items for one run, ensuring a fresh inventory rotation.
Often, guests will ask stylists to dress them up, giving boutique staff carte blanche to select pieces that work well for them. Women who don’t normally wear fringe or bright colors will frequently step outside of their comfort zones thanks to the the knowledgeable staff.
Team members pride themselves on offering personal attention, something regular guests have come to appreciate. Kelly and her team believe in offering guests plenty of ideas without any pressure. They strive to welcome everyone into the store.
Whereas some clothing stores seem to be directed at a very specific audience, Twisted Soul Sisters strives to offer something for each style and personality. Friendship and connection are at the center of the Twisted philosophy: women that come in as customers often end up as good friends.
“We’re all soul sisters,” Kelly explained, a sentiment repeated by her own “twisted soul sisters” Amy and Shana.
 Grab a girlfriend or two and head over for an afternoon of fun and funky fashions.

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