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The tradition of quality at Swan Dairy is a point of pride for the family.

 All the holiday hustle and bustle has begun and it always leaves everyone wondering what the perfect gift is. Look no longer, it’s right here in Green Country!
Swan Dairy Farms is a fourth generation dairy farm that has been in operation since 1923 and it’s only one of two dairy farms in Oklahoma that sells Grade A raw milk and Grade A raw milk products, such as cheese, cheese curds and even Amelia’s Creamery yogurt made from Swan’s cream. Many are unaware of the health benefits associated with unpasteurized dairy products. “The biggest benefit of raw milk,” says Diane Williamson, “is that it doesn’t contain added sugar or any synthetic ingredients.” This naturally makes the milk easier to digest and many believe it can help with food allergies, skin health and even muscle mass and weight loss.
But what does this have to do with Christmas? Besides leaving Santa a cold tall glass of Swan Dairy’s milk on Christmas Eve (I mean who doesn’t want Santa to be healthier?), Swan Dairy offers exquisite gift baskets for anyone on your list. The baskets include items that are all Oklahoma made and start with Swan’s tasty cheeses in a number of varieties. Favorites include Colby, mild cheddar, smoked cheddar, hot or mild pepper cheddar and mozzarella. From there, you can add smoked beef sausage, jams, crackers, or as Diane is quick to point out, “anything you can think of, we’ll put together.”
Baskets can be sent to recipients or picked up from their farm in Claremore. “We’re also happy to work with companies that want to buy gifts for their employees,” adds Diane, who runs the farm with her husband, Don, and their children, Jason and Ashley and her husband, Zach.
The tradition of quality at Swan Dairy is something of pride for the family. “We give special attention and care to all our cows,” says Diane. Cows are milked twice daily and allowed to exercise and graze the pasture every day. The cows are never given hormones and no chemicals are used on the grass they eat. “A happy cow is a healthy cow.”
The proof is in the taste. The Grade A milk and cheeses all have a flavor that is pure, natural and wholesome. You can definitely notice the difference.
Orders for gift baskets can be placed online, at the store or even by phone. Don’t forget to get some items for your own holiday events, but be sure to order extra. Once you taste their cheeses, you may not be able to stop at just one bite.

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