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Team members, Dani Felty (store manager) and Clayton Christian (product expert) are ready to answer any questions and help you get on the road to wellness.

By, Macy Goodnight; In recent months, an industry boom has taken place in Oklahoma. Dotted across the state are a multitude of cannabis dispensaries, with open doors and minds, eager to educate the public about the medicinal benefits that can be attained with the use of the plant-based products they offer.

The Wellness Pharm, located at 1414 E. Third Street, is distinctive in many ways and is firmly rooted in the community it serves. They are located in The Pearl District, just a few doors down from the Church Studio, made famous by the late musician and songwriter, Leon Russell. The Pearl is the area’s newest, hottest local revitalization, and there are many new restaurants, shops, and galleries neighboring The Wellness Pharm’s storefront.

All staff at The Pharm are extensively trained, and research oriented. “There is a wonderful connection with cannabis and a healthy lifestyle,” said Clayton Christian, product expert/sales associate. “The science has come so far in the past decade, but we have a long way to go.” Scientific research has proven that cannabinoids, or the active constituents of cannabis, are beneficial as a remedy for pain and inflammation, as well as a host of other chronic issues that afflict many people, but without the side effects that are common with prescription medications. “It’s perfectly safe, and you can receive tangible benefits with its use,” said Clayton. “There’s something here for everyone, and it can improve your life.”

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Homegrown at the Pharm’s very own grow operation, providing the highest quality, purest flower with no pesticides or outside chemicals.

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Unique to The Wellness Pharm, is their own grow operation, which enables them to manage every facet of their product, ensuring the highest quality at competitive prices. “80% of the flower we offer is grown by us,” said Dani Felty, store manager. “It’s all thoroughly tested; we know exactly what’s in it, what the levels and cannabinoids are, and what health benefits can be attained.” The Wellness Pharm prides themselves on a completely organic product, with no pesticides or outside chemicals. “That’s something we are really excited about, to have our own grow operation,” she said. “Our own flower is used for extraction in our products, whether it be vapors, ghee (clarified butter for baking), tincture (refined extracts, concentrated), or topicals.” The Wellness Pharm also carries a line of CBD products, edibles and bath products. “We have many different products to satisfy the needs of all of our clients,” Clayton said.

The shop itself is bright and inviting, and the staff is incredibly friendly. For added safety and security for their customers, a state-of-the-art access control system and video surveillance are utilized. They offer a professionalism that is exceptional in the industry. “We respect every person that comes in,” said Dani. “This is a safe space, and all are welcome,” she said. The staff at The Wellness Pharm understands that confidentiality may be a concern, and are mindful of their client’s privacy requirements. “We are very much about health, well-being, the science and helping people,” said Clayton, “because that’s ultimately why we are here.”

More information, as well as complete product menu available in-store, can be found on their website at www.thewellnesspharm.com.

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