Nurturing the Roots of Strong Academic Growth

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Dr. Trissy Pitkin

By, Macy Goodnight; A child’s educational development will meet many obstacles, creating challenges that can sometimes seem impossible to overcome. The stress and pressure for success can be overwhelming for both children and parents in these circumstances, leading to further hindrance in other areas of life. Dr. Trissy Pitkin will help, partnering with you and your child on the path to an Academic Advantage. With over 25 years of experience providing service as a Learning Expert and Educational Therapist, it is Dr. Pitkin’s mission to identify the root causes and underlying issues associated with her student’s learning challenges.

At Academic Advantage, she specializes in Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Speech and Language Training, ACT Prep, Test Anxiety, Academic Enrichment, Music Therapy, Personalized Learning Plans, Study Skills Strategies, assessments, and more! As Dr. Pitkin says, “The student and I put the puzzle pieces together. I strive to identify the core underlying issues. Then I find the appropriate solution that best fits both the child and the parents. When determining the appropriate solution, each child’s needs and challenges can be vastly different.” In her practice, she integrates non-traditional and specialized techniques to ensure each child’s challenges are properly addressed.

Dr. Pitkin also utilizes a broad range of skills and trainings to have her students reach success. Some signs children may show to their parents that they need help are: memory, attention, anxiety, listening, impulsivity, relationships, academics, dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyspraxia. The process begins with a comprehensive assessment.  The results from the assessment indicate a child’s learning skills and capabilities.  Then, a precise road map and plan can be created to determine child’s learning goals.  Dr. Pitkin can bring both help and hope.

Dr. Pitkin’s career began in 1988 as an elementary school teacher, with an Elementary degree and a music minor. “While teaching, I saw many students with challenges,” she said. Realizing the needs of her students, Dr. Pitkin sought to acquire the training and expertise required to specialize in many areas of need. Dr. Pitkin holds her Doctorate in Clinical Christian Counseling, a Certified Educational Therapist, ADD/ ADHD Coach, Reading Specialist, Attention Specialist, Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, and Dyslexia Remediation Specialist. Additionally, she has a Master’s degree in Multi- Categorical Disabilities, Music Therapist, Certified Autism Specialist, Special Education Consultant, Brain Integration Therapist, and a Licensed Educator.

Her passion for working with children and parents to find educational success is proven in not only her credentials but more importantly, the success of the students she serves. Dr. Pitkin utilizes many tools to provide the specific training for a wide range of challenges while keeping pricing incredibly affordable. Unlike other programs and tutoring available, at Academic Advantage, it is getting to the root cause of the challenges. She finds sustainable solutions that distinguish her services.  She is not a tutor, but Dr. Pitkin is a comprehensive analytical therapist. “I believe communication and honesty are key,” said Dr. Pitkin. “Parents are trusting me with their most valuable possession-- their kids.” “I do what I do because it’s bigger than me. We all want to do something that outlasts ourselves,” she said. “I do this because impacting lives is not just for this season but for a lifetime.”

For more information, or to schedule a consultation, call (918) 231-7669, or visit her website at

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