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Nicole McGinnis, licensed aesthetician and owner of Reveal Salon & Aesthetics, applies custom blend mineral makeup to a client.

It’s a common misconception that acne is strictly a problem for teenagers, but if you’re in your 20s, 60s or anywhere in between and prone to breaking out, you’re certainly not alone. “Men and women of all ages can get breakouts,” says Nicole McGinnis, licensed aesthetician and owner of Reveal Salon & Aesthetics. “Many of my clients come in looking for anti-aging products that will not cause them to break out.”
Nicole offers customized anti-aging skin care programs for acne-prone skin, including products by Viktoria DéAnn and Rhonda Allison. She also provides a program strictly to treat acne. This treatment program combines chemical or enzyme peels with personalized home care to give clients clear, healthy skin. “I pick and choose between product lines to produce the best results for each person. Every skin care program, whether for acne, anti-aging or both, is completely customized.”
A licensed aesthetician since 1998, Nicole is constantly continuing her education, studying new products and their ingredients and looking to the opinions of trusted leaders in the field. “I want to be sure the products I offer my clients do what they say they’re going to do. New products come out regularly, but I do not rely strictly on a company’s word that they will work. I do my own research, analyze the ingredients and make sure the science is there to back up the claims.”
Nicole points out there is no organization that regulates the claims of skin care companies; for example, any product can be labeled as “noncomedogenic” (i.e., does not block pores). “This becomes a problem for acne-prone skin. If you use an anti-aging product that says it is noncomedogenic but is actually not, it can cause breakouts,” she says. “I only offer trusted skin care products that truly do what they claim.”
 Along with anti-aging and acne treatment plans, Nicole provides custom blend makeup that is all-natural and safe for acne-prone skin. “I offer foundation that is custom blended to perfectly match your skin tone, and the products are noncomedogenic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and safe and beneficial for skin,” says Nicole. “The mineral formulas contain ingredients that help reduce inflammation, protect the skin barrier and are effective in inhibiting the bacteria that contributes to acne breakouts. It is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types, yet it wears beautifully all day long under any condition and feels silky soft. You can expect a radiant, healthy-looking complexion.” In addition to foundation, Nicole offers a variety of blush, lip gloss, bronzer and finishing powder.   
The menu of skin care services Nicole provides includes chemical peels, microdermabrasion, custom corrective facials, and OxyGeneo, a breakthrough anti-aging treatment that oxygenates skin from within while exfoliating and infusing it with potent regenerating nutrients. “OxyGeneo is a ‘3 in 1 super facial’ that helps plump and hydrate skin, restore volume, increase collagen, reduce hyper-pigmentation, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles,” says Nicole. She adds that chemical peels are also a popular treatment, and fall/winter is a prime time to receive a deeper peel, when frequent sun exposure is not as common.
Nicole’s skin care services are provided inside a full service salon that includes several stylists who provide a full range of hair services, a full-time nail technician, and a barber.

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