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Tony Sementi welcomes you to a brand new showroom at 430 S. Cherokee in Catoosa.

In its infancy, Tile by Tony, Inc. (TBT) was all about flooring. It has grown from its humble beginnings, however, to a full-service contracting business. From colossal jobs of working with engineers and designers to reconfigure an older home into a modern-day open concept living space or remodeling a kitchen or bath to smaller jobs like patching a hole in sheetrock, repairing plumbing or trim work, TBT is able to handle it.
A far cry from just a tile layer, the business now employs 15 people with varying expertise in every aspect of construction. There is more control over a project, more quality assurance in craftsmanship and skill than merely when a contractor relies on his sub-contractors to finish a job. The cornerstone of TBT’s success lies in its repeat customers— customers for life— that have been treated to quality craftsmanship for a fair and reasonable price.


Though the employees are highly skilled in each of their respective areas and the price for any job is fair and competitive with others in the market, Tony Sementi, Owner and CEO, attributes the amazing success and growth of TBT over the past 30 plus years to more than that. “It’s really not just comparing ‘apples to apples’. Remodeling a home means that a client will have strangers in and out of his home daily for weeks or months at a time. A client must be able to trust them. You have to get people that will respect the clients’ homes. Our employees are top-notch and like family members.”

Another difference is TBT’s belief in accessibility to the client and communication. “We are always accessible to answer client questions or explain things if clients have concerns along the way,” explains Sementi, “there are lots of steps along the way, and order in the way things are done in a construction project, and sometimes a client has concerns. We are able to explain things very quickly, making ourselves available for questions, so that a small construction issue doesn’t become a bigger one over time.”
Construction is a process. “There are going to be obstacles, or waves, along the way,” explains Sementi, “the key is to choose a contractor that knows how to ride the waves and maneuver through it all. I’m a really good surfer,” muses Sementi. In fact, Sementi personally visits each job site daily.

As in the beginning, TBT continues to live up to its name, making available to the public a myriad of choices in flooring and installing same throughout Green Country. Now, TBT is proudly opening its new showroom, a place to dream of possibilities in your own home. With a design staff onsite, the displays help people envision a space better than simply trying to look at a few small samples at a big box store. Clients may order a nearly-endless possibility of products to suit any taste.
“We are here to stay after over thirty years, and the opening of our new showroom goes to prove that we are invested in the community,” opines Sementi.

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