Cooking with Cannabis at Pharmer's Market

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By, Macy Goodnight: It’s a very rare thing for a business to be built on the principles of kindness, but the very foundation of Med Pharm was firmly created as a way to help people through the use of medicinal marijuana and as a means of supporting animal rescue and other local charities.  It is their mission to share compassion through cannabis.

The dispensary, located at 24683 E. Hwy 51, has a Broken Arrow address within the Coweta city limits.  One of the most highly respected shops of its kind, Med Pharm provides their customers with unmatched knowledge, the highest quality product, and the warmest, most hospitable service around.  A family-owned and operated business, they are dedicated to providing genuinely sound and honest medicinal marijuana expertise.   Their customers appreciate the massive selection of edible and smokable items available, as well as tinctures, topicals, and accessories.

They recently added infused frozen concoctions, called Glazees. For further convenience, a drive-thru window can accommodate the needs of those wishing to distance. In January 2021, they added the all-new Pharmer’s Market, offering infused ‘Fresh Baked’ goods, including breakfast items, pastries, coffee, and tea.  Cookies, cinnamon pull aparts, donuts, rice krispie treats, smoothies, breakfast burritos, biscuits and gravy, and even macaroni and cheese can be found on the menu.  In Summer, there are plans to introduce ice cream, floats, and milkshakes. 

Sarah O’Brien is the baker and has an extraordinary talent for creating otherworldly, incredibly flavorful treats while managing the levels of cannabis in them.  A Registered Nurse by trade, Sarah is also a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse.  With over eight years of experience cooking with cannabis, she started while working in hospice care.  “There’s nothing else out there that is as multifaceted, that can address as many medical needs,” she said.  Her husband, a Marine veteran who suffered with PTSD, was diagnosed with brain tumors, and she was able to share her skill to help him.  “It was a really good direction for him,” she said.  “I think everyone deserves it, and I believe in it.”  Medicinal marijuana has been found to help with an array of health issues, including anxiety, pain, Krohn’s disease, cancer, and even autism and seizures in children.  “For me, it’s a way to mesh the worlds of medicine, so people can help themselves and each other.”  In February, they will begin offering cooking classes to help others learn to bake with cannabis.  These classes will be provided in conjunction with other fundraising efforts that will benefit part of their mission of animal rescue.

Medpharm owner, Denise Mink, started her business partly to help fund assistance for no-kill animal shelters. In February, Denise’s dream of opening a no-kill animal shelter will become a reality and will collaborate with other area rescues.  “This is going to save a lot of lives,” said Denise.  “We’ve needed this for a very long time.”  The new facility is a 5000 sq. ft. building and will be called Oklahoma Pet Collective Society (OKPCS).  Donations are needed to purchase the many kennels that will be required.  “The Pharmer’s Market, just like Med Pharm, is focused on this mission,” Denise said. “It’s a lot of why we’re here.”

For more information, visit their website at or call (918) 994-6025.

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