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Members of The Rock Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma are taking prayer to another level. 

This specialized prayer group meets every Thursday evening for a few hours to learn, practice and join together in prayer. The goal of the group is three fold.  The first step is to learn how to pray outside of church and guided prayer.

“Prayer should be a part of our everyday life,” said Pastor Theresa Watts.  “But, some people don’t know how to pray, or when to pray.  Others may feel uncomfortable praying at a regular church service.  Our special prayer group can help anyone get more comfortable with their daily walk with God.”

The second goal is to learn from one another. The group is open to anyone wanting to attend and is mixed in level of knowledge.  Beginners, intermediate and high level of church-members attend together to grow and teach. 

“It is our belief that the newcomers to the group will one day be our best teachers,” said Watts.

The third goal of the group is to join together in intensive prayer for important events, political figures, national, state and local governments, family, friends, church members and any other people or situations needing prayer. Church member Shannon Phillips leads the group.

“It was important to me to develop this prayer group to help people strengthen their relationships with God,” said Phillips.  “When you are alone, at home or work and need to connect with God, you can.  Prayer allows you to be who God has always wanted to you to be. And, not just in dire situations or when you’re going through problems, throughout your day, every day.”

The power of prayer has already begun to show improvements in the lives of the group.  In one particular instance, a member was faced with a failing appliance that was going to cost hundreds of dollars to fix or replace.  She was a single mother with a lot of responsibilities and a limited budget.

“Years ago, she would have been devastated by this event,” said Watts.  “But through the teachings and practice of prayer, she learned to give the problem over to God.  She prayed for complete healing and gave thanks to God for the answer.  A few days later, I received an envelope to give to her.  Another member of our church heard about her plight and wanted to help.  What was in that envelope replaced her appliance. Learning to pray and learning we are truly worthy of God’s mercy and goodness helps us to live a meaningful and peaceful life.  Every day.”

Interested in learning more about The Rock Church? Be sure to join Pastors Billy Joe and Theresa Watts and the rest of their congregation on Resurrection Sunday, April 16.

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