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Reveal Salon’s expert aesthetician, Nicole McGinnis, wants your skin to look and feel good in its natural state.

After a season of long, sultry days by the poolside or chasing errands in the Oklahoma humidity, the beginning of fall is an excellent time to begin a healthy skin care program. Reveal Salon’s expert aesthetician Nicole McGinnis combines a powerful knowledge base, years of experience and a passion for body positivity to present her clients with skin care completely suited to their individual needs.
“It’s always a good idea to come back in after the summer,” Nicole suggested. “ It is easy to forget to reapply sunscreen, and all that time in the Oklahoma sun takes a toll on skin’s youthfulness and overall health and appearance.”
For many clients, Nicole’s customized services can significantly change their quality of life. Gifting people with personal confidence is at the core of her profession.
“I really want to do things that make people feel better about themselves--that really makes me happy,” she said.
Nicole went on to explain that treating acne, getting rid of unwanted skin ags or even darkening eyebrows can make a difference in someone’s self-confidence. She uses her advanced knowledge base and experience to customize the perfect treatment for a client.
 As skin ages, many people find their skin more dehydrated. But everyone’s skin is unique. Nicole evaluates a client’s skin and assesses his or her personalized needs based on skin appearance, lifestyle, and personal experiences with skin treatments.She offers a variety of services to provide something for each client’s individual needs. When assessing the plethora of new treatments and fads, Nicole cuts through the hype to evaluate the science of a treatment, determining the best choice for her clients.
By the time most people are 40, they have a lot of sun damage in the form of hyperpigmentation and more wrinkling. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion can be excellent options for addressing these types of issues. One of Nicole’s favorite treatments is OxyGeneo, an oxygenating treatment which offers exfoliation without the suction of microdermabrasion, making it a great option for all skin types. Unlike typical chemical peels, this facial offers no downtime for peeling, so a client need not plan a day hiding at home to get great skin.
Another favorite treatment is Rezenerate, a professional tool featuring nanotechnology designed to improve fine lines and overall skin tone and texture. It allows  for deeper penetration and maximum absorption of professional products. Nicole often recommends pairing this with a vitamin A osmosis facial infusion for radiant, healthy skin.
Reveal also offers lash and brow tinting, emphasizing a lovely, natural look to highlight a client’s unique features.
Nicole teaches that skin care is like exercise. To have terrific skin, one must maintain the regiment at home as well. She wants everyone to look and feel their best, which means rather than simply pushing products, she is excited to offer options to best suit the client.
The philosophy of Reveal is simple: Look your best at every age. Nicole possesses a unique gift for helping each client find the natural beauty and confidence within.
Call Reveal to let Nicole set up a unique skin program that helps you look your very best.

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