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Doe’s Eat Place is renowned for its quality steaks, cooked to order. Doe’s has a selection of Porterhouse, Ribeye, T-Bone, and other steaks, as well as a selection of chicken, seafood and other items on its menu.

Situated just off Historic Route 66 along Claremore’s main boulevard is a restaurant whose name is music to any steak-lover’s ears – and taste buds.

Since June 2018, Doe’s Eat Place has been satisfying newcomers and return customers with its steaks, tamales, seafood, and more, but for some, the locally-franchised chain remains a yet-to-be discovered favorite – something that owner Betty Watowich wants to change.

“Business has been good – we’ve got some really good days and some days that could be better, but we’re wanting to change that and have only good days,” Watowich said. “Even though we’ve been open for a few months now, people are still just now learning that we’re here, so we’re hoping more people learn about us through word of mouth.”

Doe’s Eat House in Claremore boasts nearly 3,800 square feet with seating capacity starting at 125 in a split-level design, with a bar area upstairs, with work being done to complete a private dining area overlooking downtown Claremore.

Menu items include seafood, soups, chicken, and of course, steak.

“We have some menu selections for variety, but what we’re primarily known for is our steaks – that’s our primary ‘thing’,” Watowich said. “Some restaurants may have more menu items to choose from, but we’d rather have fewer items, and do those items as well as they can possibly be done.”

Doe’s customers can expect to find the restaurant’s signature “Delta Style” hot tamales, gulf shrimp, oysters on the half shell (raw), a selection of soups, chicken tenders, Atlantic salmon, gulf mahi, sea bass, large gulf shrimp, and of course, steaks.

All of Doe’s steaks are 100% prime beef and, with the exception of the ribeye, priced by the pound or ounce, and served with boiled red potatoes or fresh-cut fries, marinated salad, and drop biscuits.

Steaks available include the Ribeye, Filet of Beef, Top Sirloin, T-Bone, and Doe’s “signature” steak, the Porterhouse, cut from the large end of the short loin. The Porterhouse contains the familiar “T” shaped bone which separates the filet side of the steak from the strip, which is perfect for splitting.

“Feedback from the customers has been very positive – so many of them have told us that they’re glad there’s now a place like this in Claremore,” Watowich said. “I think of the restaurant as ‘casual fine dining’ – people can come in in their jeans and boots or business suits, however they’re comfortable, but as far as steakhouses go, our food is of the highest quality.” 

Watowich said her desire to open her own and manage a Doe’s of her own came out of her appreciation for the chain.

“My husband and I were both huge fans of Doe’s – we would frequent the restaurant at least twice a week,” she said. “When we moved to the area because of (husband) Mark’s work, there wasn’t a Doe’s anywhere near us – I think the closest one was in Tulsa, but it closed a while ago – so we decided to open one of our own here in Claremore, and we’re very happy to be here.”

Doe’s Eat Place of Claremore is located at 520 West Will Rogers Boulevard. Hours of operation are 5-9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, although ‘closing time’ can vary, Steaks are cut daily and reservations are recommended,” Watowich said.

“If we’re having a slow night, we may close a bit early, but if we’re busy, we may stay open later than 9 p.m.,” she said. “It largely depends on how many customers we have on any given night.”

Reservations aren’t required, but “strongly encouraged” to ensure seating availability, Watowich said.

For more information about Doe’s Eat Place, visit them on Facebook. For reservations, call 918-923-7042.

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