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Honey Baked Ham of Tulsa Owner/Operator Lee Griffin with just a few of the delicious Holiday Gifts available at his Honey Baked store and cafe in Tulsa.

Honey Baked Ham Co. and Cafe of Tulsa does it all to please their customers. This unique business was opened in 2003 and current Owner/Operator Lee Griffin took over the helm in 2010.  Families and businesses across the country recognize Honey Baked ham, turkey and specialty products as a superior holiday and everyday choice for families, businesses and clients. Select from packaged products or make your own custom package.    
The parent company began in the 1940s when founder Harry Hoenselaar patented the perfect final touch to his gourmet hams: the spiral-slicing process.  Harry also had a unique curing and cooking procedure that produced one-of-a-kind, high quality, bone-in smoked hams.  He opened his first Honey Baked Ham Co. store in Detroit, Michigan, in 1957.  The company is family-owned and Harry’s procedures are still used in preparing products just as he did…one at a time, an element that makes Honey Baked hams and turkeys so different from similar products.  Whole Honey Baked Turkeys are also available roasted, smoked, or Cajun style.
“Hams are slow-cooked with real Hickory wood for 20-24 hours under Harry’s strictly monitored standards to ensure that each will be moist, tender and flavorful,” said Lee. “We’re consistent in what we do and this is just one of the reasons Honey Baked Ham Co. has remained a leader in the industry for nearly 60 years.”
“There are three facilities in the U.S. that produce, cook, spiral slice and deliver hams to Honey Baked Ham stores in 37 states,” he said. “Products are shipped under strict temperature conditions and once received by our store, each ham goes through a 21 point inspection before we apply Harry’s unique hand-glaze one product at a time, making sure we maintain the highest level of satisfaction from start to customer.”
Customers enjoy Honey Glazed Ham and Turkey products during all U.S. holidays and celebrations including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Mother’s Day and Fourth of July.  When you need to feed a crowd, they cater to you.  They have a great catering menu and provide services for business meetings, staff meetings, special dinners and events.  
“We maintain the same superior standards in every product we offer from our Honey Glazed Ham and Turkey to all the other products offered including sandwiches, signature salads, boxed lunches, soups, fresh deli sides, and specialty desserts such as coffee cake, pumpkin pie, New York style cheesecake, carrot cake, apple caramel walnut pie, and southern pecan pie,” added Lee. You can also go to the cafe at Honey Baked Ham of Tulsa and enjoy a sit-down lunch or dinner.
“We’re committed to making your meals truly special whether you’re dining at our cafe, at home or at your place of business,” said Lee.  “All Honey Baked Ham products and gift cards make wonderful gifts for any person and any occasion.”
Go online and peruse the Honey Baked Ham menu and special services.  
“Any new business will receive 20% off when they place a Honey Baked Holiday Gift Card order of $1,000 or more before October 31, 2016,” said Lee.
 Beat the rush and get your holiday shopping done early this year!

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