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The Haberdashery owner Justin Michael

Since opening its doors in 2016, the Haberdashery has been bringing upscale products to downtown Claremore, offering a touch of class and couture to the men of Claremore and Rogers County, northeast Oklahoma and beyond.

As a locally-owned and operated gentlemen’s outfitter, The Haberdashery celebrates two years in operation this November, continuing to bring all the latest fashion trends to the region with men’s clothing both comfortable and casual, with collections designed to bring out the dapper in its customers.

“Before we opened, we didn’t really have a place like this in Claremore,” said Justin Michael, who co-owns The Haberdashery with his wife, Audrey Buck. “The idea for it came from seeing the women’s boutiques in Claremore, and thinking that if they were buying the clothes at these particular shops, their husbands probably weren’t shopping at the other places in town – they had to go to Tulsa. The same lady who spends $400 to buy herself a pair of Frye Boots isn’t going to Walmart to pick up her husband a pair of Spalding tennis shoes. He buys something nice too, something of similar quality, and before we opened, we didn’t really have anything like that in this area.”

“The Haberdashery is a casual to very low business casual place where men can come and hang out, where they can buy quality clothing items for their wardrobe, as well as where they can find gifts, get a haircut, and shop for other manly essentials, many of which are Made in Oklahoma items,” he said. “One of the clothing brands we stock is Patagonia – we haven’t been able to find some popular brands of clothing in Claremore for nearly 30 years, that I know of. We just didn’t have the options – we always found ourselves driving to Tulsa, and every time I get new customers in the store, they look at me and say ‘This (shop) doesn’t really fit here’, and that’s fine – I like to hear that, it means I’m offering unique merchandise, things they can’t find anywhere else in this area.”

Among the brand names and items available at the downtown Claremore men’s emporium are OluKai shoes, Patagonia Outdoor Clothing & Gear, Burlebo, Southern Marsh Collection, The Normal Brand, SAXX Underwear, Soxfords socks and ties, Mavi jeans, D’ood men’s products, fine cigars, and more.

Michael said that seeing the entrepreneurial vision of some of his fellow Claremore businessmen helped convince him that the region was “ready” for an upscale men’s apparel and gift item shop such as The Haberdashery.

One of the more recent additions to the shop was a barber. “It took me a year to get a barber in here,” he recalled. “I had the shop and this space which was set up to lend itself to people coming in, wanting to hang out, and do some shopping – I knew I couldn’t just have any barber, I had to have the right one, and we finally found the right one with Charley (Lawson). He’s been an incredible addition, and we’re even hoping to expand what he does in the future.”

As a barber, Lawson takes the time to get to know his clients, their type of hair, and even offers suggestions to help them look their best.

“Charley has never steered me wrong -- I’ve had people cutting my hair for years and my hair never lays down as well as it does when he cuts it,” Michael said. “I’ve seen him look at people, study their hair, get to know its feel and how it grows, and help them to find the kind of look that’s best for them.”

“We have many brands – some brands they sell in Tulsa – that people here have wanted for a long time,” he said. “They come in and they’ll buy things they can’t find anywhere else in the area. Our SAXX Underwear – people were begging for that before we carried it here – Patagonia is available in a few places in Tulsa, the same with Rowdy Gentlemen products, and some new things – things that fit with our motif – they fit with the quality, they fit with the appeal, and they fit with the look that people are going after.”

In recent months, Michael said The Haberdashery has begun to carry a limited amount of women’s items as well.

“I’m not necessarily looking to get into the women’s market, but I wanted to at least offer a few things for ladies who come in here with their husbands,” he said.

Quality products, convenient location, knowledgeable employees and superior service are only a few of the reasons that The Haberdashery is a man’s “one stop shop” for looking and feeling good.

The Haberdashery is located at 407 W. Will Rogers Boulevard in Claremore. Hours of operation are 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1-5 p.m. on Sundays. Haircuts with The Haberdashery’s barber are available by appointment, by calling 918-923-7565.

For more information, visit thehaberdasheryok.com, or check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

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