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Family owned S&W Tree Specialists are (L to R) Dale Hughes, Leilani Hughes, Kaila Hughes, Noel Hughes, Bryan Merseburgh and Robby Mizumura.

 After a challenging and dynamic winter, spring is finally here.  Before it is too late, preparations for severe storms, and grueling heat should be made.  And if you are searching for tree service look no further than S&W Tree Specialists.
The S&W Tree Family offers a comprehensive assortment of tree and yard services.  Based on Broken Arrow, the family-owned business has been providing stellar service to commercial and private properties in the region for many years.  From property maintenance to chemical care and tree care, S&W’s experts will help you prepare for the upcoming storm season and ensure your landscape is green and healthy for the summer.
With accounts that include Saint John Hospital, and Tulsa International Airport, S&W has a proven record of maintaining high profile Tree Service.  Their commitment to thorough, beautiful and healthy trees and yards extends to every job, no matter how big or small.
One benefit of hiring S&W is their experience and ability to educate customers on how best to maintain attractive aesthetics while preserving the health of trees and plants.
Bryan Merseburgh, arborist, works with customers to determine the best approach to trimming trees.  “I focus on getting them what they want and need,” says Bryan.  He says early spring is the best time for tree fertilizing and trimming.  Sometimes, though, a client may not realize a request, like tree topping, may severely damage the tree in question.
“Reducing – where you selectively remove only about a third of the tree – is one thing,” Dale Hughes, Operation Manager, says, “but tree topping is bad for the trees.”  He continues, “When you take away the foliage, you’re taking away the tree’s ability to produce chlorophyll.”  If a tree is unable to effectively convert sunlight to energy, the tree will eventually die.  The objective, instead, is to reduce a tree’s size in such a way that it is attractive, lives a healthy life and poses little to no threat during severe weather.
In Oklahoma, storms can threaten trees (as well as homes and people) year-round.  Hiring professionals who are willing to apply their experience and knowledge can mean the difference between a sturdy, safe and healthy tree and a hazard that can wreak havoc at any time.  It’s always better to proactive than reactive.
In times of emergency, S&W is waiting for your call.  Offering 24-hour emergency storm service, they have a crew prepared to handle any job.  With heavy-duty, state-of-the-art equipment, you can rely on S&W to complete jobs efficiently and safely.
In addition to full tree services, S&W provides excellent lawn treatments. Insecticide and fertilizer services.  Bryan makes sure the same quality and  attention devoted to tree services carries over to the yard.
Whether in need of tree or yard services, customers can count on S&W Tree Specialists to keep trees and landscapes green and healthy.  With spring in full bloom, now is the time to make sure every step is taken to protect your plants for the summer.

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