Voyage Broken Arrow Raising Funds for Public Exhibit The exhibit is a scale model walkway of the solar system.

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Watch for it!!! Voyage, a $50,000 scale model walkway through the solar system, is coming to a town near you! Yes, the same Voyage Solar System Exhibit that is on the National Mall that starts right outside of Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum.

Imagine walking down Albany Street in Broken Arrow, OK, and learning all about your Solar System. Imagine stopping by the Sun where you can see how big the Sun is compared to our Earth. Imagine your children seeing Mars and Venus up close! Imagine all children learning about the size of Mars and Venus and their distances from our Sun, then moving on to see solar storm systems – the Great Red Spot on Jupiter and the Dark Spot on Neptune and so much more!

A group of retired and current Broken Arrow educators and community leaders have come together to bring Voyage to Broken Arrow. The idea and design for the walkway originated in Broken Arrow in the late 1990s when astrophysicist, Dr. Jeff Goldstein, came to BA Schools for workshops and community programs. Since then, Voyage models have been placed on the National Mall in Washington DC, Kansas City, MO and Corpus Christi, TX.

Help us make Broken Arrow a place where everyone can experience the awe and beauty of our Solar System. This exhibition will become a must-visit place and you can be part of bringing this unique exhibition to our community. It will forever change your perspective of our home.

Broken Arrow’s Voyage Solar System walkway will be installed along the sidewalk in front of Creekwood Elementary School and Creekwood PreK School continuing east toward the Broken Arrow High School campus. The entrance to Voyage is located at 1301 E. Albany Street. We will all be explorers. From two-year-olds to 102-year-olds – we will travel to the end of our solar system and come to know our home for the very first time.

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The model is built to a 1/10 billionth scale of the solar system. Both the distance and size of the planets are on this same scale. The walkway extends about 2,000 ft. from entry near the Sun to the exit just beyond Pluto.

Make an individual donation or sponsor a planet by contacting Keep Broken Arrow Beautiful or on Go Fund Me. About half of the funding needed for the installation of the exhibition is in place - three planets have already been funded by local donors. Be the next to sponsor a planet! Just think, you can sponsor our home Earth or Venus or even Pluto – yes, it is back to being a planet!

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