'Jazz' Up Your Look with Jasmine Sampson, Precision barbering techniques for the perfect haircut.

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Barbering is a profession that dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, and has a rich history. It was once a field dominated by males; but now, more and more women are entering the career of barbering. An essential service, half of all barbers are now women, according to the National Barber Museum. A talented local, Jasmine Sampson, is one of these illustrious women.

“Funny story…my father told me to get a job, start school or move out, I lied that I start school Monday,” muses Sampson. “Barber school was the only thing that started the following Monday, and it truly just worked out for me.

“My training took place at what was, at the time, Oklahoma Technical college; later, the program was moved to Clary Sage.”

What started as a need for schooling quickly grew into a passion. Sampson has been a barber for nearly nine years, and she specializes in straight razor shaves and men’s grooming needs. She was blessed with a number of positive influences who bolstered her on her path to her career in barbering.

“Influences…first, I’d have to say God, I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Him,” states Sampson. “My family’s support; Taura Harris from the Bearded Lady Barber Shop in Sapulpa; and Paula Matthews from Clary Sage, who gave me a fair chance.”

Sampson is located at Reveal Salon, at 91st & Memorial. She delivers a diversity of styles and combines the traditional as well as the modern in her methods; she listens to her clients and provides advice and suggestions when asked.

“I’m seeing a trend with adult men seeking the longer hair look,” says Sampson. “I feel it’s the after-Covid look; most people couldn’t get haircuts, so they just stuck with it. With the younger generation, the teens, it’s the mullet. Yes…the mullet is coming back.”

Sampson’s preferred products are Bed Head for Men for shampoo and conditioning and Johnny B for styling products. Her favorite styles for men’s cuts are a bald fade or a keeping-it-simple business man’s cut.

“I enjoy helping people find their confidence,” enthuses Sampson. “There’s nothing like the feeling of a fresh haircut. Men need that push, too! You can’t tell a man nothing once they have had a Jazz haircut experience!”

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