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If you’ve recently made the drive from Broken Arrow south on Hwy 51 towards Coweta, you may have noticed that S&W Tree Specialists are no longer at their longtime location.  The company moved about a year ago to a new location providing them a lot more room for equipment.
S&W has been family owned and operated since 2011 and provides services throughout northeastern Oklahoma.  Day-to-day operations are handled by Dale and Leilani Hughes, Robby Mizumura and Bryan Merseburgh.
The old saying goes that you can always find someone to do the job for less, but you’re wise doing business with someone who does the job right the first time, every time.  Company spokesperson Leilani says, “We always operate at the highest quality and safety standards and are known by most as the preferred tree-care company in northeastern Oklahoma.”  S&W provides tree care, plant healthcare, property maintenance, tree trimming, snow removal and other emergency storm services to businesses and homeowners.
After devastation from tornadoes, micro bursts and ice storms, most neighborhoods are inundated by “door knockers” with trucks and trailers looking for clean-up jobs.  They might do the job for a little less, but Leilani cautions you to be certain that whoever you hire has the necessary skills to do the job properly.  Ask questions, don’t pay anyone in advance, and always ask for credentials including proof of insurance and the amount of coverage provided.
S&W also installs Christmas lights.  You can buy commercial grade lights from them and they will do the installation, take down, and store the lights for you until next Christmas.  They can install lights you already own, but you’ll probably be better off in the long run buying commercial grade products from S&W so that neither you nor they will have to mess with tangled light cords.
Check with S&W when you need tree services. If we get heavy snows this winter, call S&W for a free estimate for snow removal.  Schedule a meeting, get your questions answered and receive a free, no obligation estimate.

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