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Moving from Las Vegas to Tulsa was quite the change for Outdoor Creations owner and CEO Jake Nicks. But now, he can’t imagine serving customers anywhere else.

“I love Tulsa. The people, the friendliness, the family atmosphere… I can’t imagine a better community to serve,” Nicks said. 

Nicks learned the construction business from his father in Las Vegas, who built casinos and commercial buildings. He moved to Tulsa in 2010 to attend Rhema Bible School to study ministry and recognized the need for a roofing company in tornado alley. The demand continued to grow, so Nicks took the knowledge and skill set from commercial and casino building to the Tulsa market and built a roofing team with over 30 years of experience in the industry, branding Outdoor Creations Roofing, a full-service roofing company.

A fixture in the Tulsa community since 2013, Outdoor Creations specializes in all things roofing. They pride themselves in providing great products with great experience. True to their motto, “Roofing with your future in mind,” the company only uses premium materials to design and create quality and unique roofs for their customers.

Outdoor Creations follows the GAF Certified Roofing Program that includes premium quality resources such as, synthetic felt underlay, which is six-hundred times stronger than the standard thirty percent, traditional tarpaper, leading to less tearing and promoting roof longevity.

Nicks said, “We like to give our customers different options that allow them to save money on their insurance and add a 7 percent value to their home.”

“We’re always striving to be the best for our customers,” Nicks said, “We want to get our customers the best warranty on the best roof at the best price possible.”

Nicks said homeowners should have their roofs checked after major storms for damages and weak spots. Hailstorms are especially dangerous to your home’s roof. The company offers a three-year workmanship warranty, as well as a limited lifetime warranty on their roofs.

“A lot of people don’t know, but after weather damage, most insurances will pay for a new roof. If you leave a damaged roof untreated, the damage will cause leaks and other problems,” Nicks said.

Outdoor Creations also offers free roof inspections and all roofers are GAF certified contractors.

“A good roof is a safe roof. We want to build something beautiful that will protect what’s in your home. That’s what’s really important,” Nicks said, “That’s your life… That’s what matters.”

Roof with your future in mind and give Jake at Outdoor Creations a call.

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