Unique Ways to Say I Love You on a Budget

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 If Valentine’s Day date ideas are becoming trite and a partner doesn’t want to resort to formulaic dinner and flowers, then dazzle a companion with some out-of-the-box plans to keep the imaginative juices flowing in a relationship. Twosomes need to be on their toes to not fall into the roses-and-chocolate rut. There are many inventive ways to say, “I love you.” Many of these ideas are sure to be budget-friendly or even no cost, but the bonus points earned from a partner is a definite plus.

1. Give ice skating a try. Oiler’s Ice Center is open to the public.  Details can be found at oilersicecenter.net.

2. Does ice skating sound too cold?  Then take that special someone roller skating.  Contact Skateland for more information at www.skatelandtulsa.com.

3. Take a cooking lesson. Gift cards for a class are available at www.thegirlcancookschool.com.

4. Take a walking tour of downtown Tulsa and discover the Tulsa tunnels and tour the art deco buildings.  Tulsa tunnels map is located at wanderwisdom.com/travel-destinations/Downtown-Tulsa-Underground-Tunnels.  The art deco buildings can be found at www.visittulsa.com/things-to-do/art-deco.  Be sure to go during business hours to have access to building interiors and tunnels.

5. Make a glass piece together. Contact Tulsa Glassblowing School at www.tulsaglassblowing.org.

6. Paint together.  One-time event classes can be found at tulsapaintsip.com.

7. Spend an evening working out together at a local gym.  Try Lifetime Fitness.  They allow a free one-time pass at www.lifetime.life/join/pass/club.html.  Perhaps working out will become a habit.

8. Have a progressive dinner. Start with a salad at one restaurant.  Move on for the main course at another restaurant.  Finally, have dessert at yet another.

9. Go to the Tulsa Zoo. They have features showcasing animals with on-site zookeepers available to answer questions at scheduled times during the day.  Contact tulsazoo.org.

10. Go to the Oklahoma Aquarium.  There are feedings and also divers to interact with onlookers from the other side of the glass at scheduled days and times at www.okaquarium.org.

11. There is nothing more soothing than the wry voice of a narrator at a planetarium. Visit the Oklahoma Planetarium.  Details are at www.tulsamuseum.org/planetarium.

12. Buy all the ingredients, and make a favorite dinner together.

13. Plant a tree, shrub, or even flowers in a partner’s honor. Spend the afternoon at the local nursery together, making the selection and then at home for the planting ceremony.

14. Make a tent in the living room, cut the lights, start up the fireplace, and camp for the night. Take turns telling scary stories used during childhood sleepovers. Don’t forget the flashlight.

15. Build a blazing fire pit event. If the weather is chilly, provide a blanket, s’mores ingredients and hot chocolate. Turn on some music for atmosphere and together recite an “I’m grateful for list.”

16. Volunteer together. There’s John 3:16, the Dream Center and Habitat for Humanity, to name a few. Who knows? Perhaps this activity will be so rewarding; it’ll become a regular.

17. Fix the room up like a theater and watch a favorite movie. Don’t forget the popcorn. Dress in movie-themed clothes. If watching a western, for instance, then wear jeans, boots and a cowboy hat.

18. Ride bikes together. Don’t own one?  No problem. The Machine exists to promote good health through exercise biking provides. Reach out at https://thismachinetulsa.org/

19. Dream about owning a bigger home. Walk through model homes and an open house at homes for sale. Saturdays and Sundays are the big open house days usually scheduled between the hours of 1-4. Look for decorating ideas that can be adapted for the home. Download the free Zillow app to find homes in the area and for their planned open house days and times. Model homes are usually open every weekend.

20. Create a scavenger hunt with hints at a variety of locations. At the end, provide a payoff of a gift or gift card.

Utilize this idea list for a memorable Valentine’s Day date, but, better yet, why not make it a bucket list for 2020?

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