Bold Southwest Flavors at Santa Fe Cattle Co.

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When you arrive at the Santa Fe Cattle Co, it’s like taking a step back in time when old westerns were a thing to be treasured. You immediately sense Will Rogers or even John Wayne may mosey through the door at any moment. But once seated by the friendly staff, you realize that even though the ambiance is rustic, you’re about to savor a meal with a sophisticated taste all its own.
Santa Fe steak house in Broken Arrow is celebrating its 10-year anniversary of serving the freshest hand-cut steaks, not to mention great tasting barbecue and loads of other Southwest favorites, including fajitas, enchiladas and tacos.
General Manager Tony Harris says “Santa Fe is known for its Southwest flare, but one of the customers’ all-time favorites has to be the Texas sausage.” The Texas-made jalapeno sausage is grilled with chipotle barbecue sauce and according to Tony, “people keep coming back for more.”
In fact, most of the flavors used at the restaurant have a distinctive taste that border on spicy. “We use hickory wood for the smoky flavor, but we add a few secret spices in there to keep it interesting,” says Tony.
Santa Fe is not only a perfect place for family meals or friends gathering to watch a football game at the full-service bar, they can also feed a crowd. They offer catering – either pick up or delivery with several tasty options sure to please everyone.
Their menu includes appetizers, soups, salads, steaks, Southwest favorites, sandwiches, burgers, a lunch menu and even Jr. Deputy meals. But, if you really want to wrangle some grub, try their 32-ounce sirloin challenge. If you manage to finish it all, you’ll receive a T-shirt, your picture on their Facebook page and 10 percent off your purchases for a full year. But, whatever you choose, you must leave room for the fried Twinkie. It’s part funnel cake, part heaven. They may not have had that to roast over the fire in the Old West, but I bet they wish they would have!


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