The Gift of a Lifetime

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J. David Jewelry owners/ Founders, Joel David and Kendra Wiland, and Max

By, Macy Goodnight; The gift of jewelry is timeless and valued beyond its weight in gold.  For centuries, people have communicated sentiment with symbolic gestures given in the form of precious metals and gemstones.  J. David Jewelry embraces this tradition like no other, with an understanding of the intrinsic value of the gift as an expression of emotion and communication.

Founders, Joel and Kendra Wiland opened their first jewelry store in Broken Arrow in 1994.  Since then, they have established the J. David brand as distinguished, elegant, and reputable, with two locations to serve their customers with honesty and integrity. 

“I’m in the love business!” proclaimed Joel.  “We don’t just sell jewelry.  We sell an object that represents something, whether it’s love, success, or gratitude; every piece of jewelry has meaning and tells a story.” Giving the gift of jewelry sends a clear message about the affections people share.  “We offer one of the most emotional products one can give,” he said.  “This is going to be an item that is going to last the rest of your life and be passed down to generations to come.”  Diamonds and gemstones speak volumes when given, no matter the occasion.

Mindful of the meaningful nature of the gift of jewelry, J. David makes the purchase experience as helpful and accessible as possible for anyone.  “We are not salespeople,” Joel said, “but client advocates on a quest to best fulfill a need.” Customers will never find a “sale” at either of the two store locations because they will always have the lowest price without markups.  “It’s a different way of doing business,” said Joel.  “We maintain consistency in our pricing.  When there’s always a sale elsewhere, there’s always a mark-up.”  Some of the popular jewelry designers that can be found in the store are Gabriel, Vahan, Galatea, William Henry, and Michou; however, it is the J. David overall brand that is famous for the impeccable quality and reasonable pricing they offer.

Each location provides full manufacturing of custom jewelry with a professional jeweler on site.  With the jewelry industry being one of the oldest industries in the world, the store’s jewelers offer the wisdom of traditional techniques as well as progressive design concepts.  Customers will also find that the manufacturers offer cutting-edge technology in custom pieces with the use of 3D printing.  “We can show jewelry before it’s created,” said Joel, “taking the unknown out of the equation of what the piece will look and feel like.”   The use of 3D technology can also make the experience of custom orders more cost-effective and affordable.  Clients can view a holographic image of the jewelry creation before it exists, and gain insight into what the piece will look like once it is completed.  Once the custom jewelry piece is finished, the store offers a satisfaction guarantee.  “This takes any worry out of the purchase,” said Joel.  “We will make sure that you are 100% happy with your purchase, and that it is the perfect gift.”

For the holiday season, J. David is increasing the accessibility of one of their biggest holiday sellers - diamond stud earrings.  “Diamond studs are the #1 staple in a woman’s wardrobe,” said Joel. “They go with everything.” The store will offer 60 months no interest financing to ensure that purchasing diamond earrings is easy and affordable, as it is the perfect gift.

For men, there is a large selection of gift ideas, including men’s jewelry, watches, money and tie clips, and elegant knives.  “Our knives are like pocket jewelry,” said Joel.  Not only is it a functional gift, but each of them is signed, numbered, and completely unique.”   

With 31 years in the industry, Joel says he feels he has never worked a day in his life. Joel and Kendra feel fortunate to have developed so many relationships with their customers over the years. Joel said, “It’s precious to be a part of the special moments people celebrate together, and there’s no amount of money to put on the value of that.”

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J. David Jewelry is known for the highest quality at the lowest price.

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