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Do you ever get a wild hair and decide it’s time for a new look?  You get online or grab a hairstyle magazine and sort through photos at warp speed.  Finally, you find the one.  The right cut – the right color. It should even compliment your face shape.  Now what do you do?

Carol Graham knows.  She’s the owner of Carol’s Place in Claremore.  It’s a comfortable, convenient spot off historic Route 66 where locals flock for great service and advice.

“We are passionate about color,” said Carol. “We will work with you to have the color you want but also to insure the integrity of the hair.”

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Carol explained that so many times, people will bring in photos that require drastic changes to the hair.  While changes are possible, they might not all be able to be accomplished in one setting.

“If you have dark, brown or black hair and you want to go to a platinum blond or much lighter shade, we have to take a look at the condition and texture of your hair,” said Graham.  “Our staff continually trains on new color and products and will work with you to make sure the new color won’t damage your hair.”

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This is important, as new color combinations are all the rage.  Look on Facebook or other social media and you’ll see an array of color offering something for everyone.  The crew at Carol’s warns not to get too attached to a clever name, though.  If you come across creative names for hair color like Blue Denim, Chocolate Raspberry Swirl or Coffee Blonde, these are just names that the original hair technician has given to describe the color.  They aren’t the correct names of actual hair colors.

Carol advises to bring in a color picture for consultation to be able to determine what color you desire.

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“We always tell people that if they are trying out a new color, to schedule about 30 more minutes to their hair appointment.  This will insure we have enough time to choose colors, talk about the steps to begin the color process without damaging the hair.”

Carol’s Place also offers your pick of the hottest colors for nails.  Manicures, pedicures and a whole host of nail services are available by contacting Dani.

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Spring is near. If you have a wild hair and are ready for a brave new look, come see Carol, Terrin or Dani today. They are ready to bring a little color into your life.

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