Premium Steel Roofing Will Last a Lifetime

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As specialists in remodeling exteriors and protecting homes with the strongest materials available on the market, ABC Seamless of NE Oklahoma owners Ed and Leanna Yoder are local leaders in steel siding, gutters, roofing, windows and design. 

After a well-established career in general construction, Ed was building their own home and wanted to use seamless steel siding.   The more Ed learned about ABC Seamless products, about its quality and how effective it was, the more he wanted it,” Leanna said. “The more research he did on the company’s products, the more impressed he was with them, and a year later, we decided to join the ABC Seamless family – and it is a family – we started our own franchise in Chouteau in 2014.”

Future steel roofing and siding cuties have a little fun in front of one of the showroom sample walls.

So impressed was the company with the Yoder’s quality construction, efforts and growth, after only two years of being franchise owners, they were selected among 100 other franchise owners to receive the illustrious National Franchise of the Year Award in 2016 – and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Our products, installation, and service are the same now as it was when we first started the franchise,” Leanna continued. “One thing ABC Seamless takes pride in is their product lines.  Product styles are consistent and we emphasize superior quality, lifetime warranty and highest customer satisfaction.  Products have an unmatched lifetime 50 year non-prorated materials and labor warranty.”   

Ed has been roofing homes for over 23 years.  “Everyday I see improperly installed asphalt shingles and exposed fasteners on metal roofing,” he described.  “Your roof is your first line of defense in keeping your most valuable investment protected.  That’s why we take time to explain to homeowners the differences in materials and installation practices; and how roof repairs can prolong problems because they are short-term fixes.”

Steel roofing and siding have long been known for their superior long-term cost and energy-saving benefits. Additionally, insurance companies sometimes offer discounts of 20 percent for impact resistant protection certification.  ABC Seamless of N.E. Oklahoma says their roofing products are UL Class 4 impact rated (highest impact rating available) and tested to withstand up to 160 mph winds; and there is little chance for human error and leaks because of the way these roofs go together.  ‘With our steel roof energy star reflective coating, correct attic ventilation, insulation, flashings and trims – customers have reported that their summer electric bills are reduced by up to 40 percent. It’s cool roof technology reflects sunlight and absorbs less heat then typical roofing material,” said Ed.  He and his team make sure everything works right and will recommend what is needed for optimal efficiency.  Steel roofs have the highest in the industry Class A fire rating; and the steel used is 100 percent recyclable which is environmentally friendly.

ABC’s durable and distinctive residential and commercial roof applications are available in a variety of roofing and sidewall architectural styles:  Shake and Slate, Vertical Board and Batten, and Traditional Lap. You can choose from dozens of color combinations in solids, enhanced and HD for bold decorative finishes.  Some finishes are made with PVDF paint finishes that are warranteed against chipping, cracking or peeling.  Fade protection will vary depending on your product choice from 30 to 40 years.

A product is only as good as its installation.  Ed said that replacing a roof needs to be evaluated as protection of your investment – not as a maintenance project using the lowest quality materials and lowest price bidders.  “The cheapest roof usually consists of the cheapest products installed as quickly as possible.  A properly installed metal roof will last 3 to 7 times longer than an asphalt roof.  In Oklahoma, this is something to think about because more roofs are replaced due to storm damage and not because they simply wear out.” 

Undeniably, high-quality metal roofing will cost twice as much as asphalt shingles.  “If you plan to be living in your home for at least 12 to 15 years, you can achieve enough savings from insurance discounts, heat and air conditioning savings, inflation and roof replacement costs to cover your additional investment in metal,” discussed Ed.

ABC Seamless’ expert award-winning team will treat you like family.  Along with roof replacement, they provide seamless siding, guttering, windows and more.  They offer free estimates and will lay out all of your options so you can decide what’s best for you.  You will feel good knowing they have gone over every detail.

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