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Superior Overhead Door Owner Steve Lewis says, “It’s really unfortunate that most homeowners take their garage doors and openers for granted until something goes wrong.”  The company’s sales manager, Harold Blalock adds, “I hear my neighbors’ garage doors making all sorts of screeching and clanking noises and most of the time they probably just need lubricating before something bad goes wrong.  Unfortunately, most homeowners never give us a call until it’s too late and something has already failed or broken and is in need of repair.”
A garage door and opener work in unison and are much like your vehicle.  They need periodic checking, servicing and preventive maintenance.  Who would think of driving a vehicle for years without changing the oil, checking brake fluid, replacing radiator coolant, rotating the tires and having other recommended services provided?  But yet, most of us go through eight to twelve cycles (open and close) each day and never think of servicing our garage doors, even when they’re making creaking and groaning noises.  Then when something breaks or a door falls off the hinges—always at the most inconvenient time—we realize that we’ve waited too long and it’s going to cost more than it would have if we’d had the foresight to make sure our system was serviced at recommended intervals.  

Most garage door springs have an average life expectancy of about 10,000 cycles…open and close constituting one cycle.  Steve recommends that springs, rollers and hinges be lubricated at six month intervals.  It’s something you can do yourself with a quality lubricant developed specifically for garage doors to improve performance and extend the life on your garage door.  The product lubricates and protects, stops rust and corrosion, loosens frozen parts and displaces moisture.  Or you can take the worry out of remembering by setting up a Superior Maintenance Plan.  “It’s a great way to possibly prevent a costly repair,” said Steve.
“We also recommend considering an extended-life spring that extends life from the usual 10,000 cycles to 25,000 cycles,” added Harold. “The price difference is not significant and is well worth it for all the value-added benefits.”
In 2018, they are celebrating 10 years in business. Superior Overhead Door would like to thank all their customers for trusting them with their overhead door needs. Give Superior a call when you’re looking for a trusted, well known and established company that provides quality products and excellent service.

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