A Magnificent Gift to Mark a Most Memorable Year

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By, Macy Goodnight; Undeniably, 2020 has been an unforgettable year, and holiday gift offerings have the opportunity to mark a monumental time in history.  At J. David Jewelry, it is recognized that the jewelry industry is one of the oldest in the world, because of the story that each piece tells, and its intrinsic value.   It is truly one of the most meaningful gifts one can give.  There is no better time to mark this unforgettable holiday season than with an heirloom treasure that will last longer than a lifetime.

With two locations to serve at, their Broken Arrow location is at 613 N. Aspen Ave., and in South Tulsa at 8200 E. 101st St., Suite B, the family-owned business has provided the highest quality jewelry and gems at the most honest price since 1994.  “What really sets us apart is our integrity in pricing,” said Landon Wiland, Executive Assistant and Marketing Director.  “We already have the lowest rate available for every customer, so you can be confident you’re getting the absolute best price.”  There are a multitude of possibilities for thoughtful, outstanding gifts at J. David Jewelry.

Diamond studs and fashion jewelry are always at the top of the list for any occasion, but might mean more this Christmas.  Diamond studs are always upgradable, as the store will buy back previous purchases, applying full value towards a new, larger size. 

On-trend fashion jewelry for this season includes stylish necklaces and stackable rings.  J. David has all of the hottest gifts in jewelry for the season.

J. David offers so many beautiful treasures, but two completely unique and inspirational gift options are highlighted that will be cherished for generations and would represent this notable holiday in a striking way.   

Diamond in a Pearl

One of the most intriguing jewelry finds anywhere can be found exclusively at J. David.  The creation of a pearl begins with a single granule of sand being trapped inside of an oyster.  As an irritant, the oyster naturally protects itself by surrounding it with nacre to create the beautiful gemstone.    A unique piece of art, the Diamond in a Pearl, by Gallitea, is made by placing a diamond inside the pearl after it forms.  The diamond is then partially exposed, revealing its luster.  “The story behind this is very beautiful,” said Landon.  “Especially in 2020, no matter life’s troubles, the diamond always shines through.” 

Diamond in a Pearl by Gallitea truly exemplifies the perfect gift for Christmas this year, with a philosophy in creation that represents beauty shining through, in spite of hardship.

Hand Crafted Pocket Knives

For the man who has everything or would appreciate an heirloom-quality gift, J. David carries a line of William Henry handcrafted pocket knives that are a work of art.  Each piece is individually numbered and are completely unique.  Knives can be found with woolly mammoth tusks, petrified woods, and more.  Blades are created with Damascus steel.  Made to last forever, they are a practical gift that can be passed down to future generations.

Handcrafted knives by William Henry are uniquely made with incredible, rare materials.  Damascus steel blades paired with handles made with woolly mammoth tusk, petrified wood, and more combine to make one of the most memorable gifts that anyone will appreciate and value.

Visit their website online for more inspiration and details on finding the most memorable gift for a remarkable time in our lives. The gifts given this year can be part of the story that is told to future generations and highlight the perseverance and spirit of our time.

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