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Advantage workers undertake various roofing, decks, siding, and other projects for customers throughout Tulsa and across much of Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma, Mother Nature can be brutal. Between the extreme heat of the summer and extreme cold, rain, hail and wind, our roofs bear the brunt of the severe weather, and before long, need repair.

Advantage Roofing & Construction employees have the expertise and experience – more than 50 years collectively in construction in the Tulsa area – for your light or heavy projects. They don’t take craftsmanship, service, quality work and products lightly and neither should you.

Company owner/operations manager Scot Willis owns multiple businesses, and he has 15 years of experience in construction, the past three of which, he’s overseen operations at Advantage.

Advantage Roofing & Construction owner Scot Willis has 15 years of experience in construction.

“We started this (company) in February 2017 – we’ve had Advantage for three full years, and we’ll be getting into our fourth year, obviously, next year,” Willis said. “I’m originally an engineer – still an engineer, actually, but I got into construction because of my neighbor. He had his own roofing company, and I went to work for him and found out I really liked it.”

So much did Willis enjoy construction that he studied it in school, later going to work for a major American oil and gas company before starting his own roofing and construction endeavor with Advantage.

While Willis acknowledges that the money aspect of construction can be “lucrative,” such was not his interest in staring his own roofing and construction company.

“It may sound a little odd, but for me, my favorite aspect of what I do – what I can bring to the work, is my integrity,” he said. “Like in any field, there are good people who do construction and bad people who do construction, and unfortunately, the bad ones can damage the reputation for all the good ones – give them a bad name. I want us to be a roofing and construction company that gives everyone a good name. That, and I just wanted to get into it – I just wanted to do it. I own several other businesses, so if this (construction) weren’t something I cared about, I wouldn’t be doing it.”

Willis said the work done is all through in-house employees, although subs (subcontractors) may sometimes be called upon for specialty work, and all have passed background checks and drug tests.

As the name implies, Willis said he works on roofs, reroofing work, decks, fences and fence repair, siding and more.

As to his area of coverage, Willis said his range is “basically from I-35 east,” with his customers ranging from residential to businesses to recognizable businesses.

“We’re in 15 Lowe’s stores all over the state,” he said. “We do their fencing, siding, roofing, decks – we probably do 20-30 projects a week for Lowe’s. We cover Lowe’s in Claremore, Tulsa, Bixby, Ponca City, Stillwater, Tahlequah, Muskogee, Bartlesville and more.”

Regarding what distinguishes him from his competitors, Willis reemphasized his focus on integrity.

Employee Mike Acosta works on a fence near the 41st and Yale area.

“By far, our desire to always work with integrity, to follow through on everything, to make our customers as satisfied as possible – obviously, there are people who are harder to satisfy than others, but customer satisfaction is extremely important to us,” he said. “Over the years, I’ve seen materials, and the quality of materials change, improve, but something that never changes or goes out of style is the need for people to know that they can trust you – and having integrity in what you do accomplishes that. We follow through from start to finish.”

Advantage Roofing & Construction holds an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

So, whether it’s a new roof, a roof repair, fence work, deck work, or some other home or business project, it would be to your advantage to contact Advantage Roofing & Construction.

For more information or to inquire about project costs, contact Advantage foreman Steven Rains at 918-344-3860, or visit them online at

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