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By, Macy Goodnight; For centuries, the Fiddle has brought people to their feet or to tears, and is a revered and exquisite instrument that pulls on the strings of the heart.  Since 2007, The National Fiddler Hall of Fame has sought to recognize and honor the best of those musicians who have embraced and shared its siren song with the world, and for their contributions to the art form.

On November 20, at 7 p.m., they will host their 2020 Gala Induction Concert at the Mabee Center in Tulsa, with optimum CDC precautions in place for a safe and star-studded evening.  Kris Kristofferson headlines the event, and this year’s concert features stellar performances by inductees Scott Joss, Shoji Tabuchi, Dale Morris, and Don Rich family.  The emcees will be Billy Parker and Tess Maune.  VIP Table sales are available, and include dinner, refreshments, early entry with a pre-show featuring SpringStreet, and a meet and greet!  Proceeds from the event will benefit scholarships for a younger generation of promising musicians.

NFHOF President and Founder, Bob Fjeldsted said, “Prepare for an exciting evening of incredible music as stars shine for this!”  Some of their amazing scholarship recipients will join together for a medley, exhibiting the incredible talent that the organization supports.  “We are so proud of our Scholarship Program carrying music and this American art form forward to future generations.” 

The concert will highlight the amazing music and accomplishments of each inductee, each a star in his own right.  Don Rich joined American families every week on television as Buck Owen’s extraordinary bandleader, arranger, fiddler, guitarist and high vocal harmonizer. Dale Morris is a beloved Texas champion fiddler from a family of fiddle stars, who toured with Ray Price and many others.  The ‘King of Branson’, Shoji Tabuchi, is a true showstopper with a depth of talent and humor.  Scott Joss has been the right-hand man for Dwight Yoakum, Merle Haggard, and currently, Kris Kristofferson.  He is a stellar solo performer and bandleader, with exceptional vocals and harmonies, non-stop amazing fiddle solos, and extraordinary guitar prowess.  Kristofferson is a legendary singer, actor, and lauded songwriter. During the concert, Kris will join in by Zoom per doctor’s orders. An amazing interaction with Scott and the band will be witnessed, as well as an incredible tribute by Kristofferson to Joss. 

Board Member, Event Coordinator, and world-famous fiddler, Jana Jae, has been a part of the Hall of Fame since its inception.  “This is a big evening,” she said.  “It’s a great show for a wonderful cause!” Jana Jae is famous for her appearances on the nationally syndicated variety show, Hee Haw in the late 1970s. “The National Fiddler Hall of Fame is all about promoting and preserving the art of fiddling, and I am honored to be a member,” she said.  “Music is universal and is a really fundamental and essential part of our world.  It brings people together and can bring peace.”

The Hall of Fame Gala Induction Concert will bring many people together for an exciting evening of world-class entertainment and honor of the new inductees while providing needed funds to encourage a new generation of musicians to grow.  Advisory Board member and music biz Impresario, Jim Halsey underscored, “The more success we have from this event, the more we can give back.  Come out for the show.  It will be a night you’ll never forget.”

Kris Kristofferson, legendary performer, actor, and songwriter.  In addition to his extraordinary talents, he is also a brilliant Rhodes scholar.  Kristofferson will headline the event via Zoom.

NFHOF Inductee, Shoji Tabuchi, “The King of Branson,” has delighted audiences with his astounding talent and hearty humor.

NFHOF Inductee, Scott Joss. Scott is the ultimate solo performer and bandleader, gracing his music with beautiful vocals and harmonies, amazing fiddle solos and guitar prowess.

NFHOF Inductee, Dale Morris.  Beloved Texas champion fiddler from a family of fiddle stars.  He has toured with Ray Price and many others.

NFHOF Inductee, Don Rich (1941-1974)  Don’s wife and sons will accept the honor on his behalf.  Don is truly responsible for “The Buck Owen’s Sound,” as bandleader, arranger, fiddler, and guitarist on HeeHaw.

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