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By, Macy Goodnight; The new year brings lists of resolutions on self-care, and many people find themselves in a gym attempting to improve their health and well-being.  Did you know that your skin is the largest organ on your body?  It makes sense that prioritizing its care would be at the top of our lists.

Nicole McGinnis, licensed aesthetician and owner of Reveal Salon, is an expert on skin care and is in the business of helping her clients improve the health of their skin.  She has over 20 years of experience in skin care and specializes in acne treatment.  Millions of people suffer from acne and struggle to find answers on effective treatment. Acne treatment peels are proven successful with strict instructions after treatment.   As each person’s needs are varied, the acne treatments at Reveal are customizable, with many options available.  “It’s best to make an appointment for treatment, and we will decide what’s best for you,” said Nicole. Acne treatment for back and chest are also available. Treatments can be layered and tailored to fit any need, and Nicole continues her education and training to stay up to date in her field, providing the only service of this kind in the area with her level of expertise.

“In addition to treatment, I’ll go over lifestyle information as well, such as diet and hygiene, and things people may not think about to prevent acne,” said Nicole.  She warns that not all skin care products that claim non-comedogenic are good for your skin.  “It helps to consult with a professional who knows the ingredients listed to advise whether or not it is good for you to use,” she said.  “I can even offer a list of acne safe make-up to use.” The salon has available for purchase custom blended mineral foundation that is 100% acne-safe and beneficial for all skin types.

“Sometimes people get scared when they think about chemical peels,” said Nicole, “but they can actually be very mild, especially for acne.”  Facial peels can be healthier for skin than prescription medication, and no side effects are expected.  Each person’s needs will be different, requiring more or less peel.  “Peeling is a side effect of treatment, not a goal,” she said. “The amount of benefit isn’t directly correlated to the amount of peeling.”  Some peels promote hydration, which can also be an added benefit for winter dry skin.  Another benefit of winter skin therapy is that any recovery time is not aggravated by the sun.  Now is the best time to have treatments, while out of the sun and heat of the warm season. “Any time you get a peel, you’ll want to avoid the sun for a bit,” said Nicole.

In addition to acne treatments, clients can consult on anti-aging peels. Treatment is also available for age spots, skin tags, hyper-pigmentation, and other concerns related to aging skin.  Some of the peels promote collagen and overall skin rejuvenation, for a fresh complexion and promotion of overall self- confidence.  As mentioned, treatments and peels can be layered and customized to ensure the most effective results.  “Plenty of acne patients need anti-aging as well,” said Nicole.

A full-service salon, Reveal also offers hair and nails, and a full-time barber on staff.  The expert hair technician specialties include cut and color, as well as Brazilian Blowouts.  Nail professional, Debbie Edmonds, with over 25 years of experience, offers services including manicures, pedicures, Shellacs, and acrylic nails. Reveal Salon is a CND Shellac Certified salon.  For men, haircuts and razor shaves are available with the barber. 

Add a consultation with Nicole at Reveal Salon to the top of your New Years’ Resolutions and make caring for your skin a priority in all the years to come.

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