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By, Macy Goodnight; Oh, how I love thee?  Let me count the ways. These words from sonnet 43 from Elizabeth Barrett Browning are timeless and romantic, but how about the many ways you can SHOW the one you love how much you care! Soon, everywhere you look there will be cards, candy hearts, chocolates, and roses galore ready for purchase for Valentine’s Day.  There are so many unique and special ways to celebrate this holiday beyond the giving of these traditional gifts.  Here’s a list of 11 new and exciting ways to embrace the romance and enchantment of this annual celebration of love!

1. Take a class together. 

There’s always something new to learn, and enjoying the experience together is a wonderful way to bond!  There are many places in the area who offer painting, crafting, and cooking classes, and some of them include wine and beer!  Doesn’t get much better than that!  You will also have a creative memento to take home, making it a most unforgettable experience.

2. Create a meaningful music playlist. 

Compiling a soundtrack of the most romantic songs enjoyed together is a distinguished way to remember special moments with each other.  It’s easier now than ever before to download music and save to a disc or thumb drive.  There are also websites such as Spotify and YouTube, that allow anyone to compile playlists and share online.  The time and effort involved in creating such a special gift will surely be recognized!

3. Plan a weekend getaway. 

There is no shortage of beautiful landscapes and unique sights within a short drive in our incredible state.  A quick adventure together is sure to delight and is a snap to plan with online resources. is the perfect place to search for area festivals, destinations, lodging, and dining in Oklahoma. also offers a search to assist in finding the best information on many different interests to see and experience locally.

4. Plan a party for two! 

Valentine’s is all about celebrating love, and what better way to do that than to have a party!  Take the time to plan some decorations, dinner, and dessert (of course!), and maybe even some dancing in the kitchen.  Have fun with it!  After all, it only takes two to tango.

5. Compile a romantic scavenger hunt. 

Between you and your sweetheart, compile a list of the most memorable local places you have experienced together.  Go back to those places and reminisce, maybe take a picture together.  You will have something to take away from your time together while remembering how you got where you are. allows users to compose digital photo scrapbooks, making a permanent extension of the gift a possibility.

6. Get adventurous! 

For some of us, it may mean getting of our comfort zone, but try something new together.  Whether it is a visit to the local rock-climbing gym, ice skating, roller skating, hiking, kayaking, or horseback riding; anything that stimulates the senses will clearly enhance the passion in any relationship! 

7. Hit the spa. 

Many local spas have couple’s packages for two lovers to enjoy together.  Taking time to relax and melt away the stress of daily life is the perfect way to show someone you truly care about their well-being.

8. Get your groove on. 

Dance together.  You don’t have to have a rhythm to hold the one you love and sway to romantic music.  If you are feeling more enthusiastic, there are numerous places in the area to take dance lessons together, including ballroom and swing dancing.  If dancing in public is not your thing, see #2 and #3 in this list, and take it from there in your kitchen or living room, or even better, outside under the stars (weather permitting).

9. Visit a local winery. 

Oklahoma is quickly becoming a wine lover’s dream, with vineyards popping up all over our beautiful state.  A quick search for wineries on will turn up the top 10 locally owned, with links to their websites for more information.  Experiencing a wine tour will offer beautiful countryside drives with particularly tasty benefits.

10. Schedule professional portraits.

Selfies are great but allowing a professional photographer to capture the sweetness you share with professional expertise is unequivocal.  Scheduling time to meet in a studio or in an artistic landscape with natural outdoor lighting is an amazing way to commemorate the love you share now, in this time and this place.  Your future selves will thank you.

11. Keep it simple, Sweetheart. 

It’s not necessary to stress about making the perfect Valentine’s Day.  The point is to celebrate each other, and the love you share.  Anything you do for one another should reflect something you both enjoy, even if that means dinner and a movie.  Besides, some of us really enjoy the annual box of chocolates and roses.

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