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Gary D. Fortner, MD, Dwight Korgan, MD, and Family Nurse Practitioner Kathilee Matamoros of Claremore Health Associates.

Did you know 60% of early deaths are a result of behaviors and/or chronic conditions that are preventable?
The national healthcare debate has created widespread awareness of the US Healthcare Crisis. Primary care medicine is no longer based on the one-on-one relationship between physician and patient, but has devolved into an impersonal system in which patients are seen by anonymous medical providers in seven-minute visits at large clinics. In the new healthcare setting, your provider most likely doesn’t know your history, doesn’t know you – and never will.
Claremore Health Associates is working to change that in our area, and now offers patients the option of Signature MD, a personalized care program. For an additional yearly fee, patients will receive an array of personalized services, including specialized focus on preventive health; doctor availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; same or next day appointments; on time and longer appointments; a comprehensive physical consultation; and a custom tailored wellness plan.
Thoughtful patients are taking a serious interest in taking charge of their own health by changing their focus from visiting the doctor only when they are ill, to working with their doctor to stay healthy. Dwight Korgan, MD, and Gary Fortner, MD, will work with you to identify any underlying factors in your lifestyle that may lead to a chronic condition and will develop a customized wellness program that may reduce symptoms, improve your quality of life, and help avert diseases such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.
Dr. Korgan and Dr. Fortner are committed to providing each and every one of their patients with the finest in preventative care, state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments, and appointments that start on time and last as long as necessary. “If a patient wants to spend an hour discussing an issue, we will do that,” says Dr. Fortner. Longer visits enable the doctors to provide comprehensive, whole-person care, rather than the typical treatment of one issue per visit. By limiting their panel of patients, the doctors are able to partner with their patients to optimize their health. This partnership enables increased patient-doctor interaction, patient education, preventive care, and follow up.
Consider this. The cost of preventive care is approximately $5 a day. The lifetime cost of a stroke is approximately $140,000. Drs. Korgan and Fortner will dedicate themselves to helping you avoid deadly conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and cancer. Their goal is to not only add years to your life, but quality to those years. “Our goal is to help patients change the way they live and modify risk factors for potential problems down the road. Investing in your health with this program will save people not only money, but misery in the long run,” said Dr. Korgan.
The addition of Family Nurse Practitioner Kathilee Matamoros, who is fluent in Spanish, allows the doctors to provide these extra amenities for patients in the personalized care program. Kathilee graduated from Southern Adventist University in Tennessee and completed her internship at Claremore Health Associates. She practiced in Pennsylvania for two years before returning to Claremore in July of this year. In addition, Kathilee’s experience includes operating medical clinics in Nicaragua on mission trips. She is available for immediate care needs as well as chronic conditions.
Claremore Health Associates accepts new Medicare patients and most other insurance. Call today to find out more about the personalized care program. Isn’t it time you made the most important investment of your life – the investment in your health?

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