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From left: Madison Jones, Brandi Nix and Candance Townsend, managers from Tulsa-area Edible Arrangements.

An artist has many possible mediums with which to create. But, have you ever considered fruit as a part of that arsenal? At Edible Arrangements, they are not only artists, but fresh fruit fanatics!
With two locations in Tulsa and one in Owasso, General Manager Tom Staab has more than 10 artists who are ready to create a masterpiece for you. “Each employee receives special training to design the food bouquets as well as learn how to work with the perishable goodies,” says Tom. He adds, “It takes a lot of patience and an eye for detail to make each order just right.”
But the creation is only part of the story. “We take great pride in our customer service and we want to exceed all expectations. Because, not only do we want to make the person who places the order happy, but the recipient as well,” says Tom.
He explains his staff demands the highest levels of quality and representing the Edible Arrangement brand means the highest of standards are used each time a gift is made and sent out.
Birthdays and baby showers aren’t the only times to think of these fancy delicacies. The bouquets and gifts are so unique, they’re the perfect present for a special thank you, a congratulations and even for those friends and coworkers when you can’t decide what to get them. They even make the perfect centerpiece at your next get together! “It’s a fun gift people are always happy to receive,” states Tom. And unlike flowers, Edible Arrangements are devoured long before a flower can even lose a petal.
Orders can be made online, but Tom is quick to point out that any order can be customized. His friendly staff will go out of their way to go the extra mile. They can even help you send a gift out of town! Give them a call to place your long-distance holiday orders today and they’ll help you send a gift they’ll really love.
Need a last minute gift? The Tulsa locations have ready-made fruit arrangements for those “oops, I forgot” moments, as well as chocolate-dipped fruit and fresh fruit salads. And, not to be left out, Owasso serves fresh-fruit smoothies.
They have the perfect thing to bring to your holiday office parties, amazing corporate gifts and, of course, delicious treats to bring home to your family. Whatever your need or occasion, the talented fruit artisans at Edible Arrangements are ready to arrange a smile for you.

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