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Have you been putting off a kitchen update because it will take too much time and energy? It won’t – if you call Tracy Booth, owner of Gleam Guard. “Many people have the concept that all wood refinishing is messy and that remodelers always take longer,” he says. “With Gleam Guard,” Tracy explains, “you can refinish woodwork without sanding, with no toxic fumes and still make it look like new.” The average kitchen cabinet project takes one day to complete. Larger kitchens may require part of a second day. However, the only thing you need to do to prepare for the Gleam Guard team is open your door and let them into your kitchen.
“In other words, there is no need to empty your cabinets, remove cabinet hardware, cover your furniture or anything else – we take care of it all,” said Tracy.
This breakthrough technology restores lasting beauty to cabinets and other interior woodwork without dust, mess or toxic fumes. The process bonds to the original finish, enhancing the wood grain and giving it a fresh-oiled look. But unlike oiled methods, the results last decades – not days or weeks.
This process works not only on traditional wood surfaces, but on painted, glazed and pickled woods. Gleam Guard can be used on old or new cabinets. Keeping the finish new is as easy as wiping with a damp cloth. A bit of white vinegar is all you need for stubborn spots.
Another common problem he solves is the finishing touches after new granite countertops have been installed. There is usually about a half-inch of unstained wood that old countertops covered, but new granite slabs do not. Gleam Guard can put a beautiful finish on this wood and allow it to blend with the rest of your cabinets.
During his three decades in business, Tracy has heard a lot of positive comments about his work, such as this one: “My cabinets are 32 years old. After Gleam Guard, I use nothing but water to clean them, and they look beautiful.” The cost is very reasonable. Many happy customers say they wish they had the makeover a lot sooner.
“Sometimes people think I am going to make everything look really shiny,” says Tracy. “But there are actually three sheens to choose from – satin, semi gloss and high gloss.” You can have a soft look, a strong impact look or in-between. Tracy is happy to show you how your cabinets will look in each Gleam Guard finish.
Getting finished on time is another thing you don’t need to worry about with Tracy. You can count on what he says and what he does. With his crew of reliable professional craftsmen, he works on only one project at a time. Tracy’s business integrity and respect for his customers has earned Gleam Guard an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well as its prestigious Award for Outstanding Customer Service.
Give Tracy a call to ask questions or to schedule an in-home demonstration to see how peels, flakes, scratches and minor nicks can disappear. Gleam Guard refinishing does wonders on just about any wood surface – paneling, molding, doors and frames. Each job comes with a five-year guarantee that includes one free touchup service within five years of your project’s completion if it’s needed. They work on any color finish you might have and will match the existing color to make your cabinets look just like new, bringing your dream kitchen back to life again.
Gleam Guard is happy to provide plenty of references and testimonials from satisfied customers. You can have a fresh look in your kitchen sooner than you think. Call today to get your project started.

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