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By, Macy Goodnight; The elegance of wood floors is timeless and classic and can elevate the look and feel of any interior. The installation and maintenance of wood flooring should be trusted to an expert with ample experience. In the Tulsa area, The Wood Floor Store is the go-to place that the homeowners, home builders and remodelers have entrusted with their hardwood, vinyl, stair installations, wood refinishing and so much more for over 14 years.

Owner Roger Poffen opened shop as a wood floor service company in 1989 and incorporated their retail side of the business in 2006. The Store, located at 5151-B S. Mingo Road, offers the highest quality real wood flooring, as well as multiple lines of vinyl and waterproof options for residential and commercial needs. “We offer several lines of engineered and prefinished floors, with stain and finish already on them,” said Roger. “These are great for installation without sanding in the home.” Real wood floor sales, with installation, sand, stain and finish, as well as refinishing and maintenance are also available. The store has now introduced complete staircase sales and installation, including balusters, newels, rails, treads and risers. Initial consultations and estimates are free.

Roger Poffen, owner is committed to excellence, the highest quality products, and professional installation.

“We restore a lot of the old hardwoods around Tulsa, especially midtown’s older homes,” said Roger. “Some of the older materials are actually hard to find, as far as length to match, because milling today is not like it was 100 years ago.” In the earlier homes, hardwood flooring planks were sometimes milled at more than 10 to 12 feet long. Now, wood planks are most commonly milled at 8 feet or less. “In order to do an added room or restoration in an older home, you have to be able to find the longer lengths. We can do that,” he said.

It is a common misconception that wood flooring is overly pricey or difficult to maintain. “Wood floors are not nearly as expensive as people think when you compare how long it’s going to last, the wear you’re going to get out of it, and the ease of cleaning or maintaining,” said Roger. “Compared to other floor coverings, it’s a no-brainer.” For those concerned about heavy wear and possible damage, vinyl flooring is a tangible choice. “The wood-look vinyl and waterproof flooring is making a big impression these days,” he said. “If you have children or pets, it might be a better option as it is literally indestructible.” Depending on preference, both are great options, but the real hardwood floors will last forever. “We’ve seen floors we refinished 20 years ago that look like we just did them yesterday.”

Hardwood floors are easy to take care of with a few simple rules to follow:

For cleaning, never use a product that contains wax. Sweep, vacuum, and only use a good wood floor cleaner that will not leave a buildup on the floor. “Refreshers and rejuvenators bought at most stores usually have wax in them,” Roger said. “To bring them back requires a complete re-sanding to restore them, and that can get really expensive.” The Wood Floor Store has its own floor cleaner available for purchase, which is completely safe for use, by the gallon or quart.

Use area rugs in high traffic areas, and protect the footing of furniture to prevent scratching.

If your floor needs a shine, The Wood Floor Store can buff it and add a new finish that is maintenance-free.

“My favorite part about this work is seeing the end product. It’s really rewarding,” said Roger.
“I think that’s part of what sets us apart from other flooring choices, plus our longevity, business, knowledge and our customer service. We do what we say.”

The showroom is stocked full of an extensive selection of products for every budget...from builder to homeowner,
you will find something just right for
your lifestyle. You can also shop their flooring selection online at
The Wood Floor Store believes it’s important to be involved in helping others. They are active supporters of Folds of Honor, Helping a Hero, and Shepard’s Field Children’s Village.

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