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“Had an idea to do a painting inspired by both The Madonna of the Roses and Sacagawea, the Native American woman who was an important member of the Lewis and Clark expedition. There are absolutely no photos of the real Sacagawea that I or anyone I have spoke to could find. I decided to paint her holding her son Jean Baptiste.”
- Peterson

ArtsOK’s Art After Hours will host the works of Lawton artist Robert Peterson with an opening reception on January 4th, 5:30 p.m. till 9:00 p.m. at the Museum of Broken Arrow, 400 S. Main St.  This event is open and free to the public.  Peterson will be available along with several pieces of highly acclaimed original art.  His art will continue to be displayed at the museum through February 2nd during regular museum hours.  Presenting sponsor for this event is Premier Consulting Partners. Franklin’s Toast will be providing drinks and appetizers.

Peterson creates lavishly detailed portraits of celebs, animals, people and other subjects using his own vision to capture the utmost reality.  Some of his pieces are photorealism and others combine a mix of techniques.  His stunning paintings are more than meets they eye – each stroke of his brush evokes magic and beauty that only his originality possesses. 

7 years ago at age 31, Peterson was working at Goodyear and received news from his doctor that he needed a hip replacement.  Not such good news for such a young man. The surgery wasn’t without complications.  Married at 19 and father of 3, he wanted something to leave for his family; that’s when he stopped off at the gift shop and spent $13.00 on some paint and canvas. 

Before that time he had never painted and new very little about art other than some sketching he would do as a pastime.

Within six months after his surgery, he had created a collection of thirty-four celebrity paintings of famous New Yorkers and was invited to do his first art show “Faces of New York” in New York City.  While there his opportunities soared. He was invited for interviews at ABC, BET, MTV along with other media outlets.  At the show, he was affirmed by RL Sparks, the same person who popularized Andy Warhol.  Sparks called “Best of Show” which happened to be his painting “Mos Def” who is an actor, musician, and director from Brooklyn.  He was also awarded Spotlight Artist of the Year at Art Basel 2017.

This year he was commissioned by the Oklahoma City Thunder organization to paint Russell Westbrook in honor of his 108th triple-double. 

He is a major supporter of the arts in his community; and actively contributes to the Lawton – Ft. Sill Art Council. 100% of the money he raises from his prints helps fund the organization.  His goal is to provide enough funding to enable them to continue services without struggles.

Today, Peterson’s art is celebrated universally. He credits his strength and creativity to God and his wife.  He enjoys establishing relationships with his collectors.  “My art is created in love.  Gods work in my hands.”

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