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“I love what I do,” said Founder, Dr. Melita Tate. “We’re helping people while still being able to provide for ourselves. I love working in this clinic, and being a part of the community.”

 Grassroots Healthcare opened in May of 2011 near the corner of 91st and Sheridan. It didn’t take long for word to travel quickly about the affordable and friendly clinic. After a time of transition, the healthcare team is back and better than ever. Melita Tate, M.D., is proud to lead the small team dedicated to providing quality, affordable healthcare.

Dr. Tate attributes the clinic’s success to the love and loyalty of her patients and the community. To her, gratitude doesn’t even begin to cover the spectrum of what she feels in response to customers’ constant love.

“Thanks to the support of the community, we’re able to care for people like we did before,” she said. “We were going through transition for a bit, but now we’re back and better than ever. It’s all because of the wonderful people around us, our neighbors and people at other businesses who have referred patients to us. We are so thankful.”

Everything about Grassroots is in-house. The team includes a nurse practitioner, which allows for membership –based appointments and visit-based appointments. Dr. Tate prides herself on the clinic’s no insurance policy, the key factor in their low costs. Because Grassroots doesn’t accept Medicare or any insurance, labs are as low as $20 with simple office visits starting at $59.

“We do not deal with insurance, nor do we take Medicare,” says Dr. Tate . “Our goal is for people to be healthy. We like to spend as much time with patients as we can so that we can help them in the best possible way.”

Grassroots aims to be a naturally minded clinic.  This straightforward approach, reminiscent of small-town practices, is advantageous for several types of patients. Many of Dr. Tate’s patients are regulars because they trust her knowledge and appreciate the attention she dedicates to their health.

“We try our best to support the system so you don’t have to stay on medication,” said Dr. Tate. “We always look at the natural remedies first.”

Come say hello to the friendly staff of Grassroots Healthcare and start your new year the right way.

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