Post-Repair Inspections Offered in Owasso at Pruitt’s Auto Collision

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John, Randy, Jason and the shops official greeter, Lulu. All ready to assist you with your collision repair needs before and after the repair process.

In business, industry and life, there’s an old axiom about doing a job right the first time.

There are times, however, when it takes more than once to get a job done right, and when it comes to auto collision repair work, Randy Pruitt is no stranger to having to fix a job done wrong by someone else.

At his Owasso garage, Pruitt specializes in collision repair work, whether his mechanics are the first to look at your car or the second. Through his post-repair inspection service, Pruitt can look for, identify, and correct when a job may not have been done properly.

“Post-repair inspections are where you’ve had your vehicle fixed – most times, at a body shop that your insurance company steered you toward – but after which, you get your car back, and you’re not quite satisfied,” said Randy Pruitt, Pruitt’s Auto Collision owner. “In these cases, there are shops such as ours who will do what we call a ‘post-repair inspection,’ which means, we’ll bring your vehicle in, look at the estimate and look over your vehicle, look at what the (repair) shop did, and inspect their work.”

“Should we find an area that’s not ‘quite right,’ such as gaps or areas that don’t quite fit together properly, we’ll examine the reason behind them,” he continued. “Sometimes, we may be finding inadequate work done from the previous repair shop, or we may be uncovering previously hidden damages that simply weren’t fixed for one reason or another. While we wouldn’t disparage other collision repair shops, some may not do a complete repair on a vehicle because the damage can’t be seen and they look at it like ‘Out of sight, out of mind,’ but incomplete repairs such as this can make a vehicle unsafe.”

Pruitt said the post-repair inspection itself is free, although should further work need to be done to correct inadequate repairs, some insurances may be reluctant to pay for a secondary repair job.

Randy Pruitt, Owner.

“If we find something and we require some disassembly to do the repair work, there may be some costs involved,” he said. “This is something we can do, even months after the initial repair. Sometimes, the damage that wasn’t fixed may be so severe that the insurance companies may buy the car back.”

Pruitt said his garage has been offering post-repair inspections for the past year, and although he has only handled “a few so far,” each was extremely well-received.

“It’s one of those things that probably won’t make me very popular with the other body shops – they don’t like their work to be criticized, but if we inspect a vehicle that’s had repairs done after a collision and find out that it needs more work done, I’m not going to lie to the customer about it – all I’m trying to do is keep the customer safe,” he said.

He’s hopeful that word-of-mouth will “get the message” out about this service, in addition to standard collision repair work he offers.

Pruitt’s services include estimates by appointment, precise auto body repair, parts replacement, precision frame and unibody repair and replacement, computerized paint matching and more.

“We opened up this shop in 2007, although my father had a shop here in Owasso before me – I think he opened his (shop) up in ’85 or ’86, and what I know about auto collision repair, I learned from him,” he said.

Coming up on his 30th year in the auto repair industry, Pruitt said he still takes satisfaction in “fighting” for his customers to help position them in the best possible way to repair their vehicle.

“Many jobs we do end up being a fight with the insurance company – strange as it sounds, I actually enjoy that,” he laughed. “It’s a challenge. We know how to repair cars, but I spend hours behind my desk, researching procedures for us to follow when we do our work, to be able to fully follow every step laid out to do the job thoroughly. The modern car is so complex – you have to know how to do bodywork, but you also need to be a kind of computer guru. The electronics aspect of what we do when it comes to car repair has changed drastically from when we first started.”

“I would have never thought that plugging a scan tool into a vehicle would have been the first thing we do when we get a car, but that’s our first step of (vehicle) inspection now,” he said.

But whether you bring your vehicle to Pruitt for its first – or second – repair, his commitment is, and has always been to provide the finest collision repairs possible.

“We’ve returned thousands of our customer’s vehicles in their pre-accident condition, with an over 98% customer approval rating,” he said. “We believe in what we do, and we back all of our work with a lifetime guarantee.”

Locally-owned and operated, Pruitt’s Auto Collision is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday,  and 8 a.m. to noon Friday. For more information, contact Randy at the garage at 918-274-4499.

Jason Linzy, body technician.

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