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High Tower Company President, Rebecca Olson.

By, Macy Goodnight; When it comes to finances, both commercial and personal, trust is immeasurable in finding guidance with the fundamental elements of running a financially successful business. High Tower Business Solutions was built on faith, and their clients know they can have faith in them.

Now celebrating their seventh anniversary in Broken Arrow’s Rose District, High Tower Business Solutions provides their clients with complete tax service, including bookkeeping, cash analysis, payroll, financial statement preparation, and on-site consultation to ensure they are acclimated with structured accounting procedures. With a customized approach to accounting, commercial clients are met “where they are,” from brand-new to well established, and all accounting managed with the future in mind. Located at 121 West Commercial Street, everyone who enters is greeted with warmth and charm, with old-fashioned customer service that includes a handshake and a cup of coffee. Initial consultations are free.

High Tower Company President, Rebecca Olson, had worked in a private CPA firm earlier in her career for many years, with aspirations of growth, eventually leading to the highest levels of management. She knows now that God had other plans for her. “I began hearing the Lord tell me that my season there was over,” she said. There were other
signs that were offering the same direction. I had friends and family that were also providing confirmation.” Rebecca began to pray hard for God to guide her and show her the way. “The Lord told me, I want you to do exactly what you’re doing now, but I want you to do it for yourself.” Rebecca felt God’s direction in every aspect of setting up her new company, with vivid pictures of every detail in her mind. “I named my company High Tower because I kept hearing this song over and over – you are my tower, you will never fail, you’re my refuge, you’re my all, whenever the fiery trials appear…,” said Rebecca. “I named it after what the Lord means to me, and that is my High Tower.” Her heart truly is to help other businesses succeed by equipping them with the knowledge, tools and services needed to flourish, with an accounting service for every stage of business.

“I think what makes us different is we are a smaller office,” Rebecca said. “We really do provide old-fashioned customer service; we know your name, we send birthday cards, and we make sure you are really connected to your own financial accounting.” With a modern edge, High Tower utilizes today’s technology by providing an app for clients to access their accounting information where ever they are. The app that can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet or pc, hosts a client portal and allows push notifications. It is the goal at High Tower to guide their clients every step of the way while holding their hand and ensuring complete transparency and connection on a sometimes overwhelming and stressful part of financial reality. They believe their clients should completely understand their financial statements.

“We want everyone who walks through those doors to know they’re special, and we’re in their corner,” said Rebecca. “If we take extra time to build a relationship with our clients, we not only empower them financially, we help build the foundation for future success.”

For more information, and to schedule a free consultation, call (918) 615-9887, or visit their website at

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