A Tribute to Will Rogers

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Betty Blake Rogers and Will Rogers

The Indian Women’s Pocahontas Club will host their annual tribute to Will Rogers, Saturday at 10:00 a.m. November 3, 2018. The Wreath Laying Ceremony by the Pocahontas Club will begin at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum in the Rotunda.  The ceremony begins with the club members, dressed in their Cherokee tear dresses and shawls around the bronze statue of Will Rogers.

After the Wreath Laying Ceremony, there will be a fiddle tribute in the Will Rogers Theatre honoring Will Rogers.   We are honored to have Jana Jae, performing the “Fiddle Tribute”, sponsored by the Oklahoma Arts Council.  Listen closely and you may hear Will, as Jana strikes the bow to the fiddle in honor of the first Pocahontas barn dance.   

Shortly, after the “Fiddle Tribute”, there will be a reception in the Rotunda with a coffee bar, provide by She Brews coffee shop.

Haute Hat Contest, in remembrance of Will’s wife Betty.  Join in or cast your ballot.  Betty Blake Rogers was famous for always wearing her Haute hat.

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