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Fueled Supplements ambassador Gabby Scott (IG:@gah_brie_ellah) incorporates boxing, rugby, weightlifting and dance into her fitness routine. Finding alternative workouts such as swimming, rowing, boarding, parkour, rock climbing and hiking can make your training more fun and social while developing new skills.

One of the most common questions people ask me is, “What is the best way to train?” The problem with that question is that everyone’s body, nutrition and lifestyle is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all miracle workout or training program. The real answer is the way that best suits your specific goals and body type. For one person, the solution may be CrossFit, for another, it’s heavyweights and for someone else, it’s yoga and running. Just because it works for them does not necessarily mean that it will work for you. So how do you figure that out?

​Step 1: Set Goals

​What are you specifically seeking to accomplish through your exercise regiment? Gain muscle? Build strength? Develop endurance? Burn fat? Improve flexibility? Train for a sport or competition?

All of these goals are achieved through different types of training. Deciding on clear intentions helps you to focus specifically on getting the results you are after. There are many approaches to exercise, and not just any single one is the “best.”

Step 2: Map Out a Plan

​If you are just starting out or have limited experience, finding a fitness mentor to answer your questions and assist you in your programming is a great way to start out. Just like with diet opinions, always consider the source of information and do your own research and fact-checking if you decide to build your own plan. Hiring a personal trainer who has in-depth professional experience in the type of program you decide on will be the most beneficial in the long run. If you find yourself in a place where been training for years but seem to stagnate in your progress, find a more experienced mentor who can offer insight and suggestions to assist you in adjusting your training methods.

The most dangerous approach is to dive head-first into a program, class or activity that you’ve never tried. Going hard at a new sport or program without taking the time to ease into it and test how your body responds is the fastest way to find yourself injured, in pain, and eventually losing motivation and giving up. Most gyms offer a free day pass, so check out your options and make sure they provide the amenities you want at a price that fits your budget. Sports and training classes typically offer tryouts and free trials as well, so take advantage of those opportunities before spending money and committing.

Once you’ve done your research and learned how to take into account your body type and how you recover doing specific workouts, map out a scheduled plan that you can commit to following weekly. Schedule around various muscle groups, rest and intensity levels. Training all-out every single day is not the most beneficial approach. Your body isn’t built to handle that kind of abuse. Rest and recovery are just as important when it comes to your progress, so giving your body time to heal and build makes a significant difference in your results and will optimize your strength and energy for higher output on training days.

Physical activity, nutrition and supplementation each play a role in the fitness process. If you’re eating too much, not enough, or even the wrong kinds of foods that will sabotage your training efforts. Different types of supplements work together with your training and nutrition to help prepare your body for a workout, get faster or better results and aid in recovery.

Step 3: Trial and Error

Now that you’ve set your goals, committed to a program, mapped out a routine and have been working out for a few months, it’s time to assess your results.

How are you recovering after each workout? Do you feel tired? Fatigued? Lethargic? Unable to recover before your next class or workout? Or do you feel energized? Full of vitality? Strength improving? Is your body’s appearance reflecting your efforts? How do you ultimately feel?

Over the past 15 years, I have tried every type of training that I’ve come across, including CrossFit, low volume heavy lifting, high volume training, functional strength, yoga, pilates and many more, and have discovered that what works best for me is not what works best for my friends and colleagues. I understand my body, how I recover, and what is required through my workouts in order to achieve the results I am seeking in correlation to my specific goals. It will take time and consistency while exposing yourself to different types of training in order to figure out what one works best for you, and if you realize the one you’re doing isn’t working for you, explore your options until you find something that does what you want and fine-tune your nutrition and supplement intake accordingly.

Remember, the best kind of training is simply the one you commit to.

Fueled Supplements vice president Josh Morin (IG:@morintheknow) incorporates weightlifting, wrestling and yoga into his fitness routine.

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