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Greg Wolter is President/Founder of Community Builders, a Tulsa-based company providing professional home remodeling services to clients throughout Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Greg Wolter, Founder and President of Tulsa-based Community Builders, Inc., set the wheels in motion 34 years ago to build a home remodeling business equipped with a team of highly skilled professionals with proven experience in their respective fields.  Wolter stresses, “We are not general contractors, but specialize in the work we know best and we do it very well.  Plus, we save our clients a lot of money on home remodeling projects.”  Today, Community Builders serves clients throughout of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri.
The Community Builders list of skills includes the application and installation of energy-efficient siding, replacement windows, gutter guard systems, high-quality sunrooms, bath and shower designs including Jacuzzi Safety Tubs, Jacuzzi Jetted Showers and metal roof systems.    
“We’ve recently added a new product of which we’re really proud,” said Wolter.  “We’re the exclusive distributor in our service area for Cedar Ridge Composite Siding and we used it, vertically and horizontally, in the remodel and expansion of our headquarters in Tulsa.” Cedar Ridge products combine great design with the performance of a high-tech product.  This siding is constructed with a patented space age material that came from American aerospace technology.  The product has properties that act as a thermo barrier and impact diffusion membrane.  “It’s guaranteed against impact damages from golf balls, baseballs, hail and weed whackers,” Wolter said smiling, “plus it looks like real cedar and is very low maintenance…just wash it from time to time.  Cedar Ridge Siding has zero calcium carbonate which means it will not chalk.”
The textures and colors available in Cedar Ridge products combine to let you mix and match to create very personal home exteriors.  Wolter notes, “The product is designed to look as good on day 6,000 as it did on day one, plus you’ll never have to paint it and it comes with a ‘Life-of-the-House Warranty’ that can be transferred from owner to owner.”  The product specs for Cedar Ridge Siding state that it is 300% stronger than standard vinyl siding, 240% more impact resistant than fiber cement siding, will not crack or warp like wood siding, will remain unchanged even through extreme temperature fluctuations and can withstand winds up to 130 mph.  Reduce noise, save energy and enjoy an R-value of 4.0 compared to an R-value of 1.0 for one inch of wood siding.  The graphite-enhanced EPS insulation used on Cedar Ridge is made with Neopor®, an ingredient that aids in the absorption and reflection of radiant heat.  “Cedar Ridge,” says Wolter, “is the only insulated siding with molded foam, essential to a complete moisture management system.
“We feel we know what works best in the areas we serve and we know we can supply you with the best home improvement products for your remodeling project.”  Remodeling is a great way to add beauty to your home’s interior and exterior while improving its energy efficiency.  If your home isn’t your dream home, consider remodeling and make the dream a reality.

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