Real Life Love Story: Alexis and Jean

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 In a world overwhelmed by politics, racial tensions, pandemics and wars, people crave positive and heart-warming stories that take their minds off the chaos, such as stories of love. One of those stories is of Alexis and Jean Toussaint.

When asked how they first met, Alexis blushes: “It was so unexpected! I was on a mission trip in Haiti in 2012. As I was walking down the street with my mission group, Jean came out of nowhere and asked if he could practice his English with me. We spoke for about five minutes, and he asked me for my name so he could find me on Facebook. It was very sweet!”

Jean admits that the meeting was not purely coincidental: He had been told about Alexis’ mission group by a friend, so when he saw her, he decided to start a conversation, and the rest is history!

When Alexis’ time in Haiti was over, Jean could not come to say goodbye in person, so he sent a friend to do it for him. “I was sad, but I knew we’d see each other again!” adds Jean.

He was right: A year later, Alexis came back to Haiti to see him. Her mom accompanied her and, according to Alexis, she loved Jean!

The couple spent years talking online via Skype and Facebook Messenger. “It
was hard but worth it!” says Jean.

It did not take long till they began talking about marriage. While Jean was not rushing things, Alexis became impatient and took the initiative: “It did take a push from me to set a date for the wedding!”  Finally, all the effort paid off, and they got married on the beach in Haiti in 2015. Then, with a heavy heart, Alexis went back to the States, not knowing how soon Jean would be able to join her. Two long years later, his paperwork was approved, and they were reunited.

Before and after their wedding, Alexis and Jean’s relationship has posed more challenges than they can count. Alexis remembers that online communication resulted in many misunderstandings because Jean seemed a little reserved while she “was an open book.” On the other hand, Jean was often frustrated with the internet connection and the quality of their calls. “Our different schedules also forced us to be more flexible,” he adds.

So what do they like most about each other? According to Alexis, it was Jean’s humor that sealed the deal. “He makes me laugh a lot!” she says. “But he is also kind and selfless, and we have similar interests. A total package!” Jean laughs: “I am funny, aren’t I? Alexis is, too, along with being incredibly kind and friendly. What more could you want?”

Their relationship described in one sentence? Both agree: “We overcame.”

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