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I had the privilege of sitting down with Tulsa’s own rising star, Brian Nhira, for our most recent issue. As we sat tucked away at downtown’s East Village Bohemian Pizza, Brian shared more than just the artichoke dip with me. The local superstar shed some light on his defining career moments of past, present and future.

EL: Describe your experience on ‘The Voice’

BN: I had the opportunity to learn so much, it was definitely a learning experience for me and just to have the opportunity to work with Pharrell and Adam was once in a lifetime. I’m grateful that The Voice will be a part of my story. When I look back on my career I’ll be able to say that I had the opportunity to do that and that it was one of the stepping-stones towards my goals.

EL: What inspired you to do a Christmas concert?

BN: I’ve always wanted to do a Christmas concert. In the past I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in Christmas shows and sing one or two songs, but I really wanted to do something that was my own, host my own show. We curate all the music, I bring in my band, and then they had the idea of making it like a Voice family thing.

What can we expect from Brian Nhira in 2017?

BN: I have signed with Abrams Artist Agency in New York and will be transitioning out to Los Angeles in 2017. I’m also releasing new music and music videos in the New Year, which I’m really excited about. I hope that when people talk about my legacy that they say that he was a voice for the voiceless, that he brought hope in everything that he did.

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